Wolfgang Puck Pressure Oven Rotisserie 29-Liter BROR1000-A4 Rotiss Bundle Review

Wolfgang Puck Pressure Oven Rotisserie 29-Liter BROR1000-A4 

Wolfgang Puck Pressure Oven Rotisserie 29-Liter Countertop Oven BROR1000-A4 Rotiss Bundle

Wolfgang Puck BROR1000-A4 Rotiss Bundle is the latest 29 liter capacity specially engineered countertop style pressure oven and rotisserie bundle pack as part of the Wolfgang Puck Rotisserie series- is the first and only pressure oven on the market so far, with six different functions of baking, roasting, broiling, warming, toasting and rotisserie. The Flavor Infusion Technology locks in all the flavours, juices and aroma and seals all the moisture as it is both moisture-sealed and pressurised just like an electric pressure cooker but with a low pressure chamber and cooks up to 70 percent quicker than normal as the flavours, moisture and heat go straight into your meal. You can cook chicken and turkey 65-70% and roast beef and pork 50% faster than normal and the cooking times will vary depending on what you’re cooking but with the speed increase there is certainly no decrease in quality- taste and texture. It is nice to have a rotisserie oven that makes great tasting stuff, giving you the flexibility to do whenever you want. Wolfgang Puck Oven weighs 38.3 pounds and measures 19.9 x 15.9 x 12.4 inches- is smaller in size than regular oven but not so small inside as you can fit in a 12 inch pizza or a 14 pound turkey easily.

Wolfgang Puck Pressure Oven Rotisserie 29-Liter Countertop Oven BROR1000-A4 Accessories

You can cook a large 14 pound turkey beautifully in about an hour and a 5 pound chicken in just half an hour on “rapid pressure” mode, cook juicy beef and chicken (and crispy on the outside), broil steak, and bake cakes and brownies. You can cook veggies in much less time and they turn out great- nice and sweet thanks to the flavour infusion. It also lets you cook like a regular oven but using much less power and the maximum temperature you can cook at is 450 degrees Fahrenheit. 29 liter is not a huge capacity for an oven and the pans included are not big but would be fine and adequate for most unless you do a lot of cooking. Metal can get a little hot on the outside so be careful when you’re touching it. Pressure valve should go back to the vented position so you get the hot steam out, otherwise you may really burn your hands when you open the door. Although it is not perfect without faults, it is a great quality oven and a smart idea, is very easy to use, you will cut down your usual cooking time, you can easily adopt your recipes to this pressure oven and will be able to serve meals quickly. You will receive a kebab set with eight skewers and a rectangle shaped rotisserie basket included as a bonus, also the rotisserie tools and accessories, crumb tray, broil rack, square drip and bake pan, a user manual and a recipe booklet in the box. It is offered with one year warranty by the manufacturer, which is not too bad.

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