How to Turn My Old TV into Smart TV?

Smart 3D TV

How Can I Turn My Old TV into a Smart TV? 3D television was more like a fad and it came and left and is not a big deal now but Smart TVs seem to be here to stay for quite some time and with more and better features too. Smart TVs as you may well … Read more

Should I Replace My Old Laptop with a Tablet?

Replace Your Laptop with a Tablet

What Should You Choose: Laptop or a Tablet? Tablets are useful computing tools in homes and by business people when they’re on the go and they can be used for both work and play purposes but should you really consider replacing your old laptop with a tablet and will they be adequate? They are certainly light in … Read more

Buy a Laptop or a Desktop Computer?

Computer Buying Guide: Desktop or Laptop? You may be on the market for a new computer and you’re not sure if you should get a laptop or desktop and you’re trying to see your options. The most important thing in the decision making process is how much you can pay or want to pay for … Read more

Saving Money When Shopping Online- On Amazon and Other Retailers

Shopping on Amazon and other websites wisely

Shopping On and Other Websites Wisely You can probably buy any products these days online, on or any other large shopping websites, and it is probably good to know some tricks and tips to make sure you’re not paying a lot more than you should. And when you’re at the checkout section, many of … Read more

What is a Smart TV?

Smart LED TV

About Modern Smart Televisions.. What Features Do Smart TV’s Have?   Smart TV’s are any kind of flat screen TV’s- mainly LED TV’s these days with an integrated smart computer. What this usually means is while you watch your regular TV programs on great quality flat screen you can also get connected to Video on … Read more