VKJ Wireless WiFi Doorbell Intercom Camera with 8″ Touch Screen Monitor & 2-Way Audio Review

VKJ Wireless WiFi Doorbell Camera with 8″ Touch Screen Monitor

Wireless WiFi Doorbell Camera with Monitor, Video Doorbell with 8 Touch Screen Monitor

As technology has developed, wireless doorbell cameras have grown in popularity as an option for improving home security. The VKJ Wireless WiFi Doorbell Camera with an 8″ Touch Screen Monitor sticks out among the plethora of options on the market as a complete solution with innovative features and simplicity. We’ll examine each aspect of this product in this product review, including its overall value, design, features, performance, and user feedback.

Design and Build Quality:

The VKJ Wireless WiFi Doorbell Camera has solid construction combined with a stylish and contemporary design. The exterior doorbell camera has a robust, yet small design that makes it resistant to weather. The camera unit is built tough and has an IP55 waterproof rating, so it can resist a variety of weather situations and still function reliably all year long. Furthermore, the 160-degree wide-angle lens provides an all-encompassing perspective of the environment, enhancing security coverage.

With an 8″ touchscreen display, the indoor monitor has an easy-to-use interface for seamless operation. With a resolution of 1280×800, it guarantees clean and sharp images, enabling users to precisely monitor their surroundings. A 2000mAh built-in battery guarantees continuous operation even in the case of a power outage. Overall, the indoor monitor and exterior camera have reliable, high-end designs and construction.

Features and Functionality:

The wide feature set of the VKJ Wireless WiFi Doorbell Camera, which meets a range of security requirements and preferences, is one of its main selling points. The 1080p HD camera records clear, comprehensive video that lets customers keep an eye on their property. Adding two-way audio capability improves convenience and security by facilitating easy contact with guests or possible intruders.

Additionally, the motion detection feature guarantees timely warnings anytime movement is detected close to the doorbell when combined with real-time notifications. The overall efficacy of the security system can be increased by users by adjusting the sensitivity of the motion sensors toWireless WiFi Doorbell Camera with Monitor, Video Doorbell with 8 Touch Screen Monitor 2 Way Audio reduce false alarms. By incorporating infrared night vision, surveillance capabilities are further expanded and allow for clear visibility in low light.

The lack of monthly fees is another important feature that provides affordable security solutions without sacrificing functionality. Users no longer need to pay monthly subscription costs because a 32GB TF card is included for local video storage, giving them total control over their security footage.

Installation and Setup:

The wireless design and simple setup procedure of the VKJ Wireless WiFi Doorbell Camera make installation hassle-free. Users may quickly and easily install the inside monitor and exterior camera without the need for professional assistance because there is no wiring involved. Installation takes only a few minutes. Accessories like the screw pack, unlock module, USB cable, and battery make the installation process even easier and guarantee a flawless setup for users of all expertise levels.

User Feedback:

The VKJ Wireless WiFi Doorbell Camera has received great feedback from users, who praise its reliable performance, clear video quality, and simplicity of installation. The product’s strong build, extensive security features, and user-friendly UI have won accolades from customers. Its local video storage and lack of monthly costs have also been mentioned as significant benefits, which makes it an affordable option when compared to other products on the market.


In summary, one of the best options for home security systems is the VKJ Wireless WiFi Doorbell Camera with an 8″ Touch Screen Monitor. With its sophisticated features, sleek form, and intuitive UI, it provides a complete yet approachable security solution for residential buildings. This doorbell camera system is great for deterring possible attackers, communicating with guests, and monitoring your house from a distance. It certainly justifies its position as a reliable and efficient option for homes looking for more security and peace of mind because of its favorable user reviews and affordable price.

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