Summer Infant Multi View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor Set 28490A Review

Summer Infant Multi View Baby Monitor Set via Amazon

Summer Infant Multi View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor Set 28490A

Summer Infant 28490A is a digital baby monitor set with a colour high resolution 3.5 inch LCD handheld screen and multiple viewing options, two cameras with black and white night vision and digital zoom, innovative split display technology enabling side by side viewing of two different rooms of the house (up to 4 rooms but two cameras are provided in the bundle), 2.4GHz secure and private digital wireless, LED lights that are activated by sound, long 600 foot range and indicators that show when out of the range and when the cameras are low on battery. You’ll find the Baby Monitor, two cameras, chargers for the monitor and 2 cameras, a kick stand, integrated belt clip for easy carrying and a rechargeable battery as well as the User Manual- Instruction Booklet in the box.

Summer Infant 28490A weighs 2 pounds and has the dimensions of 10 x 10 x 5 inches. It is quite easy to install and operate: You simply plug it in and press down the power button for a few seconds till the Summer logo appears. Just be careful to not have the camera too close to the baby as it has a cord and may cause accidents if too close so you can mount it on a wall near the crib or simply put it on a flat surface without mounting. Image quality is very good- sharp and clear and shows as much of the details you can get from any baby monitor and without any lagging so it is 100% real time viewing. As you can see two rooms side by side on the same 3.5 inch display you will be able to monitor your kids in two different rooms and you’re not limited to just 2 either, as you can purchase additional cameras (model# 28830) through the same links on this page that take you to Amazon product page and extend your viewing up to four viewing windows when you run the audio-video auto-scan function when you have a growing family. When you are in the split screen mode the camera you can listen to is highlighted and you can listen to just that one at that moment, not the other one. You may of course choose the ’Scan’ mode for the unit to rotate between two rooms every 8 seconds and this way you can hear both rooms.

Summer Infant Multi View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor Set

Black and white night vision feature enables easy viewing of your baby in a dark room so parents can have peace of mind both night and day as the infrared LED lights adjust to the light in the room and let you see a nice black and white image with more detail than you would have with colour image. It has sound alerts/lights so you will easily notice the noise coming from the rooms but the sound quality is OK or fine- just not the best and the lowest volume is still high. Summer Infant can be plugged into the wall and also works on rechargeable battery power with up to ten hour battery life (some claim it as six) which is decent enough and the battery is included in the package. You can choose to turn off the video when the sound is on and this way you can save on battery life. You can’t talk to kids in the rooms but hear the sounds/listen and view as an observer. It has an auto mute function, sound is active when there is any noise in rooms and is deactivated after a little moment of silence and you will not be hearing any background noise. Digital zoom feature is good when you want to take a closer look at your baby. Summer Infant is one of the best known and highest quality baby monitors and other baby products with a nice range of video, audio and internet baby monitors with a variety of different features and this one appears to be a great value monitor set for the price. It is made in China like most electronics and appliances these days.

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