Sesame US2.0 Smart Lock, Late 2016: Your Key, Reinvented Review

Late 2016 Sesame US2.0 Smart Lock, Matte Black

SESAME US2.0 Smart Lock. Your Key, Reinvented

Matte black Sesame US2.0 was released towards the end of 2016 with updates on things that weren’t working hundred percent on previous versions and it promises more simple installation and enhanced compatibility. For those that aren’t familiar with the Sesame Smart Lock, it is basically about having the convenience of not taking your keys out of your pocket to lock and unlock your door and lock it automatically when you walk in or out of the door via Bluetooth and WiFi and even knock your phone to open Sesame.

We know that there are different types of locks and the new Sesame is a single piece that is a flexible fit for all if you have bigger or smaller locks- it works with all the single cylinder deadbolts in Canada, United States, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Sweden, Norway and Denmark with the five patented self-adjusting mechanisms. Sesame US2.0 looks nice in matte black and feels premium, weighs 5.8 ounces and measures 3.4 x 1.6 x 3.9 inches. You do not even have to place Sesame right in the middle of your lock or at a certain angle and it will still work just fine. It is very easy to set up as you simply take it out of the box, peel off the stickers at the back, place it on your lock by adhering it with a strip of 3M tape (not removing or replacing anything and not using any tools) in just a few seconds and download the simple and minimalistic app on your Android or iPhone. Many of the other smart locks will need tools and even the removal of your existing lock. You have the battery notification like on the older releases as it runs on lithium batteries (provided) that are claimed to last you up to 500 days so battery running out will not really be an issue.

SESAME US2.0 Smart Lock Matte black

It sends you a notification whenever the door is opened or closed (log records) and you will always know when and who is coming and leaving. You can easily let your guests in no matter where you may be and even set up guest access by letting them download the app by sending them an email notification so they can access on their own. WiFi Access Point that should be installed within 33 feet of your lock is optional and will help you feel safe no matter where you are in the world as you can check the door from your smartphone, whether you are in Australia or in your bed, so you do not have to be in Bluetooth vicinity. As a new feature, you can even give a voice prompt to your phone to unlock your door with Voice Control. You will still be able to use your keys whenever you want and there is a thumb turn for you to unlock the door from inside. It will be rare with the new updates but if you ever run into the problem of not being able to unlock the door, you just simply reset the app and it will work. You will hear a whizzing sound when it locks and unlocks the door, which is nice and reassuring but also good for knowing when you have someone arriving at the door.

You can set it to auto-lock for different time limits up to four minutes, depending on your needs. It can tell when you are arriving home via the GPS data and will unlock your door automatically but we’re not sure if this works always or most of the time, the old version worked half the time. 500 days of battery life is more like up to a full year in practice so I wouldn’t expect more than that but it is still pretty good and you can get the rechargeable version of the battery on Amazon. The knocking feature was designed to work on iPhones but not always as this was a beta feature on the previous version. If your phone gets stolen or lost you can just go on website and lift access for that phone and with your new phone you will download the app and sign in to your account and it will work. It is extremely safe to use as it comes with a military grade encryption so you should not worry about security. If you have more than one lock on your door, the app lets you use and control them simultaneously after you install each Sesame. With the new features and updates, the latest Sesame US2.0 seems like a great value product that works well. You will save on not having to pay for replacement keys as everyone can have access via the apps on their phones.

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