Seiki SE39HE02 39-Inch 720p 60Hz LED TV Review

Seiki SE39HE02 39-Inch LED TV via Amazon

seiki se39he02 led tv

Black Seiki SE39HE02 is a low cost 39 inch size high definition 720p LED television with 60Hz refresh rate that offers good quality picture and sound- ideal for budget medium size edge-lit LED television, great contrast, 16:9 aspect ratio, IPS 178 degree viewing angles horizontally or vertically.. You get heaps more than what you pay for with this TV although it doesn’t have the smart TV features nor is Full HD- it is a 1366×768 pixel resolution TV but supports 1080p resolution.

The display isn’t very glossy so you won’t see the light or reflections on your screen that much but bright enough to be used outdoors in the shade. You’ll experience very consistent contrast and brightness throughout Seiki‘s screen- differences on screen can be a problem on cheaper televisions and it is not the case with this one. It is easy to set-up and lightweight and will be fine for your living room or bedroom. Sound is quite all right for a TV at this level- at least natural but not much bass, doesn’t come with an Audio-out but a headphone jack. Multi-channel surround sound and built-in speakers but you may need a sound bar or external speakers for a better audio experience. Seiki feels quite solid although lightweight (even lighter than some 32 inch TVs) with a slim and sleek design- looks good with the piano black finish and thin bezel design and a small stand is included. 39 inch is measured diagonally from one corner to the other.

seiki se39he02 smart led tv

Menu is very easy to access for making adjustments to the picture and it also comes with a remote control with batteries. It comes with 3 HDMI ports, a USB port for JPEG pictures and a VGA port. HDMI is a single cable video/audio for HD video. It is wall mountable with the 20cmx20cm VESA standard. You’re getting the best performance, quality and size possible for how much this TV costs. The image is quite bright, offers vibrant colours with sharp contrast and comes with audio components- several audio and video connections. HDMI is good for connecting the TV to Blu-ray player, streaming media player or cable box. You also have a Composite/AV port, an RF cable out, a Component port, a VGA port, 3.5 mm audio cable, A Coaxial cable In port.

Seiki weighs just 16.9 pounds and has the measurements of 34.78 x 20.21 x 2.87 inches- without stand. It is really hard to do better than this television at its price range in terms of image, sound and other features and we definitely recommend it. One of the customers reported that the picture quality is even better than their Sony TV- which is interesting. You need to enable the qam support manually which means it may not get digital channels straight out of the box, you need to press 0 four times to open the service menu, go to ‘Others’ then ‘Other settings’ then to cable qam and switch it on, then scan the channels to find all the digital channels. The shipment is also often very fast with Amazon and the customer reviews overall across different sites seem to be generally great- more so with people how much value they’re getting.

seiki se39he02 39 inch led tv

Other TVs in the same price range have smaller screens and less crisp and sharp image and this Seiki is unusually light for a 39 inch TV. You have the remote control, 2 batteries, user manual as well as a diagram to point out all connections and functions of the TV. The stand is OK but can feel a little awkward and perhaps shaky according to one of the customers but this is not a problem reported often, so may be specific that unit and a couple of others. It comes with a 12 month comprehensive replacement warranty via its customer service in United States. Customer service is based in California and it is toll-free help for tech assistance or things like setup. If there are any problems with TV and they can not resolve it, they will replace your TV.

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