Epson EX7235 Pro WXGA 3000 Lumens Wireless 3LCD Projector Review

Epson EX7235 Pro WXGA Projector via Amazon

epson ex7235 pro wxga 3000 lumens projector

Epson EX7235 Pro is the new professional level lightweight and compact wireless projector, offering great colours, sharpness and brightness like the rest of the EX series of projectors and more, such as the WXGA- high definition 1280 x 800 pixel widescreen resolution and 16:10 widescreen. It is very easy to set up- basically a matter of walking into the media room putting down the projector and connecting your device wirelessly. Having a projector is compulsory at workplace these days and is important getting the right kind of projector when it comes to giving presentations at work and interacting with your audience properly and impress your clients.

The new EX series, especially the EX7235 Pro is well worth having a look- suitable mostly for small, medium and large businesses in terms of price and features. It is a portable step and go projection on the fly with brightness and great colour quality- what you have on the screen is the same as the image on screen. You want to communicate a message during presentations, your charts, images and logo need to look the way they need to look. And you won’t be worrying about cables as it is a wireless high definition projector offering great connectivity, putting settings on the side of your screen and settings to put your display on the border of your screen and has this feature that actually makes Epson’s new quick connect on-screen QR code useful as the projector displays a QR code and you point your device at it and you are immediately connected by scanning the QR code on-screen.

epson ex7235 pro wxga 3000 lumens projector

And this is achieved by both devices being on the same wifi network or through wifi direct. But you still have a variety of monitor inputs and there is the powered HDMI cable so you can even charge your device while it is being used during a presentation. HDMI with MHL means you can stream FHD content and you can view multimedia directly from MHL devices. Aiming your projector at the screen is also made easier, a manual slider can angle the projector so it will make a straight image even as the device is pointed at an angle, you can adjust the image both horizontally and vertically for the best rectangular image, and of course there is an option to adjust your focus as well. You will get very good results even in bright rooms.

Epson EX7235 is rated at 3000 lumens of white and 3000 lumens of colour brightness. Brightness is important but how much colour you can get is as important- it is about balance. With the 3LCD Line 3-chip technology you’re breaking out red, blue and green (main colours for all video signals) and you can see all colours clearly in your objected image. It offers three times brighter colours than competitor projector models, giving you brilliant vibrant images. For sound, you can connect it to a sound receiver system and make it part of a great home theatre. Without enhancements, sound is not stereo but definitely loud. And there is the extendible legs to adjust the height both at the front and back of the projector. It is as economical as projectors can get with the 6000 hours of lamp life in eco mode. As it is wireless, you can sit with your tablet, laptop or smart phone and project it onto your screen directly.

It offers great form factor- very portable and you can travel light- weighs a little over 5 pounds. It comes with 1 year limited parts and labour warranty, 90-day limited lamp warranty and a toll-free customer support. A soft carrying case is included in the package for convenience. You will also find the WLAN module, batteries, a remote control, a USB cable, a VGA computer cable and the user manual CD in the package. One con would be perhaps when you put it far away (15-20 feet+) from the screen, depth adjustment to make the image smaller doesn’t seem to be an option- according to one of the customers so it is probably more suitable for smaller rooms. We haven’t purchased and tested the projector and the review is a result of research online and analysis of customer reviews. Overall it appears to be a very decent product that works quietly, is lightweight and compact- portable, functional and versatile- good value for money.

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