Dell XPS9350-4007SLV 13.3 inch QHD+ Touchscreen Laptop Review

13.3″ Dell XPS9350-4007SLV QHD+ Laptop via Amazon

Dell XPS9350-4007SLV 13.3 Inch QHD+ Touchscreen Laptop

Dell XPS9350-4007SLV is a high end, modern, compact and powerful late 2015 release Microsoft Signature edition 13.3 inch ultrabook for mid-range power users with a borderless Infinity Edge ultra high resolution QHD+ touch display with 3200×1800 pixel resolution, machined aluminium chassis and superior design that is easy on the eyes, power and performance of the sixth generation ultra low voltage dual core Intel i5-6200U processor (3MB cache) at 2.3GHz up to 2.8GHz with turbo boost and Passmark score of around 4000 which is great for a ULV system, 8GB LPDDR3 at 1866MHz for superior multitasking that would be more than enough for a great majority of computer users, generous size and very fast performance 256GB SSD that will affect not only boot up speed but anything you do on the computer and the latest Windows 10 64-bit pre-installed with the familiar Windows 7-like Start menu, Cortana Digital Assistant, Edge browser and more. This is a great professional looking computer with the latest and most advanced technical specifications for optimal performance for daily and demanding tasks and entertainment. Dell XPS 9350 has a machine aluminium chassis that is precision cut from a single block of aluminium, is very lightweight at only 2.8 pounds and super slim with 0.6 inch thickness, measures 11.98 x 7.88 x 0.6 inches.

Due to slim design and size restrictions of a high-tech ultrabook you won’t see a built-in Optical Drive and there is no built-in HDMI or Ethernet RJ-45 connector but a decent variety of connectivity ports including the latest faster 802.11ac wireless, Bluetooth 4.1, 2 x USB 3.0 ports for quick data transfers, a USB 3.1 Type-C port, 3-in-1 Card Reader (SD, SDHC, SDXC), Mini Display Port, a Headset jack, Security lock, AC power and stereo speakers plus MaxxAudio. 13.3 inch scratch resistant Corning Gorilla Glass NBT QHD LED-backlit Truelife touch display with IGZO2 IPS panel has the 3200×1800 pixel resolution with a total of 5.7 million pixels which is much higher that that of Full HD, super crisp and clear and very vivid colours and very clear viewing from any angle of up to 170 degrees and 400-nit brightness that is twice as bright as a regular display and will let you see everything clearly even outdoors in sun light. A 1280×720 video resolution high definition webcam is located at the bottom of the front face which may give you a weird angle on Skype etc. but this is the sacrifice you have to make for having an amazing Infinity display. 56wHR, 4-Cell lithium ion battery will give you up to 11 hours of battery life which means you don’t have to be near a power outlet all day long when you’re out and about and ultra low voltage ultrabook (but consider it as 7-8 hours in practice).

Dell XPS9350-4007SLV 13.3 Inch QHD+

Infinity Edge screen has a very smart design with the thinnest bezels on any computer as there are almost no borders (miniscule 5.2mm border) and they were able to fit a 13.3 inch powerful computer into an 11 inch laptop that you can easily put in your bag or purse and carry wherever you go. It resumes and starts up literally in seconds thanks to the powerful 256GB SSD (that you will not need to upgrade, being great in size and speed as it is) and Windows 10 is already faster than previous versions anyway. Keyboard and trackpad are both great quality, ergonomic and responsive and quite fun to use and the keyboard is backlit for you to type easily in the dark or low light, is Energy Star 6.0 certified being a super energy efficient computer and is also EPEAT Gold registered being made of environmentally friendly materials. It is cheaper than competitors with similar or worse specs and has better design than before- great looks, solid build and lightweight, awesome picture quality, enough power to run pretty much any app or software without problems but there is no dedicated GPU here and the Intel HD 5500 you will still be able to play the latest games at lower settings and resolutions. 8GB RAM would be plenty for most users but if you’re a more advanced user with much higher needs you will not be able to upgrade in the future so pick the right computer for you. Overall you can expect high performance for your complex and demanding tasks and the best of productivity and power.

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