Zvox AccuVoice TV Speaker AV200 With Hearing Aid Technology Review

Zvox AccuVoice TV Speaker AV200 With Hearing Aid


The Zvox AccuVoice TV Speaker AV200 uses built-in hearing aid technology to produce voices that are incredibly crisp and clear, even when they are at low volumes. The compact aluminum cabinet is capable of delivering a booming sound that can fill just about any size room. This particular speaker is extremely easy to set up, and it features AccuVoice technology for unparalleled sound clarity. Those who find that they experience problems hearing voices on their TV when watching a show, movie or anything else will find that this speaker is a great investment to make.

The AccuVoice TV Speaker is designed for those who want to enhance the quality of their audio without spending a ton of money on an entire home theater system. Priced reasonably, it is definitely an affordable option for people who want better-quality audio from their television viewing experience. One of the best things about this AccuVoice TV speaker, other than the fact that it is inexpensive, is the remarkable technology behind it.

You will find that the voices that come out of this speaker when watching television are unbelievably clear, so you won’t have any problems understanding what people are saying at all. If you want an audio system that doesn’t cost a huge amount of money but is still able to deliver great sound quality, this speaker is worth taking a very close look at. The AV200 comes with hangers on the back to allow for wall mounting, and it can work with any infrared remote control. The PhaseCue virtual sound delivers a 3D sound that definitely rivals most other TV speakers on the market.


You will find that a majority of the customer reviews for this TV speaker are very positive. The clarity of the sound is definitely one of the more common things that is mentioned in these reviews. Most of the people who have reviewed this product were incredibly impressed by the quality of the audio for the amount of money they spent. The easy setup is yet another positive thing that these reviewers have to say about this speaker.

Anyone who has difficulty hearing voices when they watch television will certainly want to make a point of looking into this speaker because of everything it has to offer. While it’s true that there are many television speakers on the market, the AccuVoice TV Speaker AV200 is one of the better options you have. Its Hearing Aid Technology makes it a particularly good investment for those who are a bit hard of hearing. When you consider the many great features this product has to offer, it is worth at least considering.

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