WANAI 3.2 Cubic Ft Classic Retro Two-Door Compact Fridge Review

WANAI 3.2 Cu Ft Retro 2-Door Compact Fridge

WANAI Compact Refrigerator, 3.2 Cubic Ft Classic Retro Refrigerator

WANAI 3.2 Cu. Ft. is a compact 2-Door Fridge with a classic retro design and a big spacious interior for your foods and drinks to be kept well organized and with enough room in the freezer section with a separate door. You will be able to access the fridge and freezer compartments separately with the two doors.

There are two adjustable glass shelves that slide out easily to accommodate taller items. And the crisper drawer at the bottom will help keep your fruits and veggies fresh longer. There are two shelves inside the door, the top one for your eggs and the bottom one for your drink bottles. The LED light in the fridge turns on when you open the fridge door for you to see what’s inside clearly. It is like a spotlight on foods, casting a rather natural light.

The manual adjustable thermostat can be set from 1 to 7 (7 being the coldest) between the temperatures of 32 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit. You simply rotate the thermostat knob. This compact fridge could work great as an extra cooling and storage unit to your large main fridge in your kitchen. You have plenty of space (3.2 cubic feet in total) to keep these extra food and beverage items well organized. The door is conveniently reversible and you can adjust the door hinge to open the door from either direction.

You can purchase it in red, blue or yellow, all of which look quite nice. It weighs 44 pounds with the measurements of 18.1 x 17.7 x 36 inches. This is a fairly quiet fridge and you will only hear some light humming during the fridge cycles. And by not opening the door frequently and/or keeping it open and by not using plastic bags inside the fridge and keeping it even to the floor you will reduce the fridge noise significantly. The fridge section is 2.2 cubic feet and the freezer is 1 cubic feet.

It is suitable for use in small home kitchens, small offices, wet bars, playrooms, garages, dorm rooms or RVs. The R600a/24g refrigerant will help maintain the optimal set temperature for your foods and beverages. You can keep your ice cream, ice, frozen meals, fruits, veggies or snacks. It is also easy to clean as you can simply remove the glass shelves and the crisper drawer. The cooling power is 50 watts (60Hz frequency, AC110-120V voltage) and the lamp power is 1.5 watts. It is a good value compact fridge at a reasonable price and we think it is worth considering if you’re on the market for a 2-door retro style mini refrigerator with a separate freezer.

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