Kismile BD5 Double Door 3.2 Cu.ft Compact Refrigerator and Freezer Review

Kismile BD5 2-Door 3.2 Cu.ft Fridge Freezer

Kismile Double Door 3.2 Cu.ft Compact Fridge Freezer

Kismile BD5 is a compact size, 3.2 cubic feet capacity, freestanding style, upright fridge freezer with double doors, detachable glass shelves and an interior adjustable temperature thermostat. It is suitable for use in small apartment kitchens, office break rooms, dorm rooms, bars, RVs or wherever you see fit.

You can get purchase this refrigerator in four different beautiful colors of black, red, white or silver at the same price tag except for the black roughly twenty dollars cheaper on the day of this product review. It is compact in size to be fit under a standard countertop, measuring 19W x 33.5H x 20D inches, while offering spacious storage space for your foods and drinks in the fridge and meat, ice and ice cream in the freezer. Please make sure there is enough clearance on the sides and the back for proper ventilation.

Kismile Fridge Freezer comes with a fruit and veggie crisper where you can keep your produce fresh longer, extending their shelf lives. You also have the racks inside the door where you can put your smaller items- foods and beverage bottles and cans. It offers more storage space inside than a standard mini fridge. By turning the thermostat dial you can adjust the temperature to 7 levels, from 1 cold to 7 the coldest in a temperature range of 32 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. And the freezer temperature range is +3 to -1 degrees Fahrenheit.

You will be able to separate your different foods and fruits veggies with the slide-out glass shelf and the crisper at the bottom. The retro style chrome handles add nicely to the beautiful appearance of the fridge, almost like from the 50s. These retro handles also make it easy to open or shut the doors. It has a modern R600 compressor that is energy efficient and that runs quietly. The noise level is specified below 40 decibels and you will only hear light sound when it is doing the cycles. You can have it in the room that you’re sleeping and not get disturbed.

Kismile Double Door 3.2 Cu.ft Compact Refrigerator and Freezer

Kismile BD5 Fridge Freezer cools your food and drinks efficiently and quickly without using up much electricity, saving up on your energy bills. There is LED lighting inside the bottom fridge section for you to see the contents clearly. The fridge section has a 2.24 cubic feet and the freezer section has a 0.93 cu ft capacity. In the package you will find a crisper drawer, two glass shelves, an ice cube tray, an ice shovel and a tray. It seems to be quite nice value for money overall.

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