Shark IQ R1001AE with Self-Empty Base, Wi-Fi, Home Mapping Robot Vacuum, Auto Dock Review

Shark IQ R1001AE with Self-Empty Base

Shark IQ R1001AE with Self-Empty Base, Wi-Fi, Home Mapping Robot Vacuum, Auto Dock Review

Black Shark IQ R1001AE is a home mapping robot vacuum cleaner with powerful suction, wireless functioning, self-cleaning brush roll, bagless self-empty base and automatic dock. You won’t need to vacuum your house for up to a month thanks to the washable self-empty base that keeps up to roughly 30 days of debris.

The Shark Robot empties itself automatically into the bagless base after each session. It can easily pick up pet hair from both hard floors and carpets and different sizes of debris- small and big and stuck-on dust on the floors. It comes with the self-cleaning brush roll to get rid of any long hair or pet hair when it cleans and there won’t be any more hair wrap. It works with the Alexa Voice Control or the Shark Clean application that you can download on your Android or iOS phone.

You can conveniently target certain areas of your rooms with the Room Select function or schedule vacuuming. IQ Nav with Home Mapping feature maps your house with the ability to choose the rooms you wish to clean straight away. Or you can simply schedule a total home cleaning via the app. The robot vacuum gets rather deep into the corners and edges with the angled side brushes. The dust and allergens are captured with the modern brush roll and strong suction and the very efficient filter.

Shark IQ R1001AE weighs 6.92 pounds and measures 2.9 x 12.6 x 3.5 inches- has a compact and portable design. This great high-tech unit just knows where to go, where to resume and where it has been. It offers up to 50% more coverage by room by room, row by row and not repeating the same areas. Resuming is where it goes back to the base, recharge and restart where it left off. With the Alexa Voice Control you can just say “Alexa, get Shark to clean my bedroom”. You just tell the robot when and where to clean with the voice control or the Shark Clean application via Alexa or Google Assistant.

You’ll get the BotBoundary strips included in the package to keep the robot away from the areas you place them. Room Select function will let you do a single specific location at a time. It is not designed for cleaning the spilled over soiled kitty litter, even though it can still clean it at the Max mode. The Shark Robot Vacuum is more for picking up the debris or dry particles off your hard floors or Shark IQ R101AE with Self-Empty Base, Wi-Ficarpets. There is no “bin full” detection on this unit and if the bin is full or overflowed, it will stop and ask for your help. Please see the instructions on speeding up the mapping and getting a complete map faster on the Questions and Answers section on the product page.

Shark IQ has a camera on top to view and map the ceiling. It works without a smart device too, as you can just press the Clean button to make it start cleaning. You should not use it with picking up anything moist or wet on the floor, like the pet pee or poo, as it will stuff up the interiors. If you live in a multi level house, it can map these multiple floors but you still need to take the Shark up and down the stairs yourself. But to return to the base to empty the debris you need a base on each floor. Shark IQ R1001AE comes with the built-in sensors to not fall down the stairs. It works well overall and we think is worth the money despite the small shortcomings reported by the customers. Your home, your floors and carpets will have that constant cleanliness.

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