TomTom Go 50S 5 inch GPS Receiver Review

5″ TomTom Go 50S GPS Receiver via Amazon

TomTom Go 50S 5 inch GPS Receiver

TomTom Go 50S is the new mid-range, 5 inch touch display, Bluetooth compatible, Android based GPS Receiver as part of the GO x0 series with lifetime 3D maps, real time traffic info and updates from the largest database in the world for the life of the device. It is great if you’re taking trips and if you’re going to the part of town or state to have a peace of mind that you’re going to take the right turns and get to your destination on time- it shows you the quickest routes and the most precise arrival times.

TomTom Go 50S is like a guide taking you wherever you want to go. It is very easy to use straight out of the box as it has a very user-friendly interface with a nice layout and beautiful graphics that tells you where to turn street by street. In the box you’ll get the TomTom Go 50S GPS device, USB-output DC adapter, USB to micro USB cable, easy port mount with flip (for screen to attach to the dashboard- not hanging down from the windscreen and for the device to be taken in and out of the car), adhesive dash disk, a free car charger and a 3 feet long USB extender as a bonus. Although it is Android based, works with iPhone as well and has great features like ‘Voice Recognition’ that allows you to run the device by speech- telling it where you want to go. Up to the minute traffic information is probably the most important new feature of this TomTom to help you not waste time or productivity.

TomTom Go 50S weighs 1.3 pounds and measures 8.1 x 7.7 x 3.8 inches. Larger 5 inch display and with the new graphics layout directions are much easier to follow while you’re driving. With 480 x 272-pixel widescreen display, screen is relatively low resolution- which shouldn’t be a problem for a sat nav (still rather visible) and the Live services will need you to connect to your smartphone’s data services so it needs to be paired with your phone for Live stuff to be available with your smartphone acting as the hotspot, which is easy to set up as the system also guides you in the process. It can be classified as a mid-range navigation device as it is located in the middle of the x0 range- above the entry level Start series, similar to both the GO 60 and GO 40. You will even get severe weather reports- snow or heavy rain or any condition that may affect the traffic so you will be shown an alternative route.

TomTom Go 50S 5 inch GPS Sat Nav

GO 50S is more of a budget unit so the 5 inch display is not capacitive and not as responsive as the very expensive premium models. Finding your destination is more simple with this new version as you can just put the street name in without having to first put the town name first. You can bring the recent destinations to the screen quickly or save your favourite destinations in My Places and use My Routes for multi-waypoint journeys so you’ll find a few useful options to use your GPS device in different ways and the fact that it is simplified makes it quite easy to use and is a great value Sat Nav device with a larger 5 inch display, voice recognition, weather warnings and more, at a reasonable price. TomTom is offered with a standard 12 month warranty and decent phone and email and customer support with social media presence.

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