TiVo BOLT 500GB Unified Entertainment System – DVR and Streaming Media Player TCD849500 Review

TiVo BOLT 500GB Unified Entertainment System via Amazon

TiVo BOLT 500GB Unified Entertainment System

TiVo BOLT TCD849500 is a brand new 4-tuner Streaming Media Player and DVR in one as a unique home entertainment unit as a simple and searchable system replacing your cable equipment, that gives you direct and easy access to streaming content, music or your favourite TV show by just a click of a button, with a large 500GB storage that is good for as much as 75 hours of saving high definition content to watch later and has an eSATA port for extra external storage (also 2 x USB 2.0 ports, Ethernet and HDMI 2.0a) if you feel that 500GB is small for a DVR (you also have the option to get the 1TB storage version- both mechanical hard drives). The box can record up to 4 shows from regular to over the air broadcast and view them with the patented TrickPlay and you can get a cable card from your provider to get the cable service as it has a CableCARD slot.

It supports UHD- Ultra High Definition right out of the box if you have a 4K TV with the finest details and beautiful vibrant colours. TiVo BOLT has integrated high-speed AC dual band wireless so you can connect your home network, use Pandora, Amazon Prime, Netflix and other streaming apps on the internet and is compatible with all Android and iOS devices which means you can see your saved shows on your smart phone or tablet. In the package you will get a year of TiVo service for free as you need it to be able to use the TiVo Bolt then you can pay a one-off or an annual fee of 149 dollars currently after twelve months. You can either skip the commercial breaks by pressing a button or recommence the saved TV program quickly (available on some shows and times of the day). You will have quick and easy access to all the episodes of shows on streaming services or TV with OnePass feature and the Quick Mode will play back the slow moving saved shows 30 percent quicker with pitch-corrected sound. It is not compatible with AT&T U-Verse, Google Fiber and satellite.

TiVo BOLT 500GB Entertainment System

White TiVo BOLT has a beautiful smart design- more compact and sleeker than previous TiVo’s, weighs 1.9 pounds and measures 11.4 x 7.3 x 1.8 inches, has a single multifunctional yellow light for recording. Black colour would be better for matching with your TV and other entertainment units you may have but as it is quite small you can hide it away easily. One small thing about the design, although it looks good, the uniquely curved shape wouldn’t let you put anything on top and needs to be on top of any stack. It is easy to assemble and use straight out of the box (there is no long learning curve for the user interface), lets you search shows easily as it is a very responsive system and you can switch between cable and streaming services very quickly. You will get the Bolt, a white remote, a black 6’ HDMI cable (as it includes the HDMI 2.0a output for 4K content), a white 12 V DC power cable, product features and an installation manual in the box. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call it the best and most outstanding DVR and  Streaming Media Player so far on the market.

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