What is a Smart TV?

About Modern Smart Televisions.. What Features Do Smart TV’s Have?

Smart LED TV
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Smart TV’s are any kind of flat screen TV’s- mainly LED TV’s these days with an integrated smart computer. What this usually means is while you watch your regular TV programs on great quality flat screen you can also get connected to Video on Demand via your internet connection, browse the internet, download applications (user friendly programs that will make your life easier), listen to songs, play games and more, conveniently on your LED TV screen or use it as a  convenient way to build a great home theatre system, adding parts gradually. It also means recording live shows or movies to watch them later, using social media on screen, watch videos on YouTube, download and use instant messaging apps, share it all with others using the live webcam (can be integrated or you may need an external camera) or view photos and videos from your mobile devices like your smart phone and tablet and control it from these devices. Apps available will depend on the model or brand of your smart TV and you can find either free or cheap apps from the online stores (or pre-installed or available for download) so it may be a wise idea to look into the type of apps you will use for your needs before purchasing a smart TV.

Especially the way you can integrate your smart TV with the home entertainment system is great so you can access a great variety of games, videos, social media- Facebook, Instagram etc. and have more fun. You may even stream songs and videos from your laptop to your smart TV. Parents can have control over what content their children have access to as smart TVs tend to include certain parental controls. As always, there are alternatives to smart functions of a smart TV which means you may use other external devices like media players, Blu-ray players and game consoles to get certain functionalities, in a restricted way- not all of them. You will need an internet connection and depending on the type or model of the smart TV you can either connect the web wirelessly or through an internet port and you may need to get a compatible keyboard to use with the web browser of your smart TV and the ease of surfing the net will depend on the model of your TV. Given that there are so many smart TV models and types on the market, they all compete with each other and try and add features that will make them different to competitors, including customisable home screens or for recommendations for things to watch.

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