Sony Bravia W800B Series KDL50W800B and KDL55W800B 3D Smart LED TVs Review

Sony Bravia W800B Series FHD 120Hz LED TV via Amazon

Sony Bravia W800B Series LED TV

2014 lineup new Sony W800B series 50 inch KDL50W800B and 55KDLW800B are great gaming televisions with beautiful simple design- small edges and very thin at the top half- 0.63 inch but not at the bottom half- 2.13 inch and new low profile durable stand- curved stainless steel rod and small form factor so they don’t take up much space (neither the 50 inch nor the 55 inch model). The image quality is really good- picture more distinct with very good blacks- actually the best at the price level with 0.020 cd/m2 and bright whites with 105.2 cd/m2- vibrant colours and very few reflections even in a very bright room with a lot of light, very little motion blur with 120Hz refresh rate in action movies and sports.

The Motion Flow XR480 ensures no trail is left behind- very sharp and nice. W800B Series Tv’s come with a very cool feature called ‘Impulse’ and when you switch it on you will see blur-free pictures, downside is somewhat darker image and slight flickering and input lag stays unaffected for blurless experience- a lot lower than competitors’ video gaming performance- better TVs for gaming. When compared with similar price Samsung and Sharp LED TV’s colours lose saturation at an angle but the IPS panel of LG LED TV’s keep consistent. Gray uniformity is better than competitors but the black uniformity is OK- not bad with only a little bit of clouding at the bottom of the display. These are smart TV’s so you have the interface but with limited selection of apps- Netflix etc. is perfectly fine though.

Sony Bravia W800B Series 3D Smart LED TV

Purchasing an W800B TV is a no brainer for gamers as it offers the lowest input lag at the special ‘Impulse’ mode with reduced motion blur. Picture quality for TV shows and movies is good. It comes with 4 x HDMI inputs, 2 x USB, 1 Ethernet, 1 Headphone Out, 1 Digital Audio Out, 1 RF In, 1 x Component in and 2 x Composite in so you can connect all the devices you wish to use but the layout of connectivity ports at the back are a little scattered.. Sony’s new flick remote control is quite nice with a little touchpad at the top so you can go back and forth between all your menus, which makes it quite a nice interface and you can access different apps, watch YouTube, Pandora etc. and stream everything wirelessly. Both the W800B 50 inch and 55 inch are good mid-range TV’s with attractive styles, screen mirroring, 3D and Smart features and comes with 2 pairs of 3D glasses but with a bit of crosstalk issues.

W800B TV’s perform better in 2D picture with decent blacks and shadow details for a global dimming, ideal for watching movies and especially great for gamers. They offer effortless sophistication and subtlety, look classy with fine picture detail provided by the X-Reality Pro, outperforming Samsung, LG or Sharp TV’s at the same price level- picture quality is superior thanks to the X-Reality Pro, which happens to be the brains of the operation for crisp and sharp images. Sound is all right with 2 x 8W speakers that help achieve decent levels of sound for medium sized rooms and you have the options and presets to get the best out of what is available for sound but naturally you will be better off with a home theatre system or a sound bar. They don’t have the interesting thick bottom wedge design of the more expensive W850B series that has the advantage of improved sound, especially the bass. They come with brackets so you can hang them on a wall without having to purchase a wall mount but they won’t swivel this way (get a wall mount that makes the TV swivel if you need it to).

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