Panasonic ES-LV61-A Arc5 Electric Shaver Wet/Dry with Multi-Flex Pivoting Head Review

Panasonic ES-LV61-A Arc5 Electric Shaver via Amazon

Panasonic ES-LV61-A Arc5 Electric Shaver

Panasonic ES-LV61-A Arc5 is a made in Japan wet and dry electric shaver with multi-flex pivoting head and it is actually the same shaver as the ES-LV81-K model with the same performance, same 5-blade super thin vibrating foil cutting, 14,000 cycles per minute linear motor drive, lock button, 10-stage LCD panel, sonic vibration cleaning setting and the only differences being the LV81 model comes with an automatic cleaning station / system and charger and the colour- LV61 is blue and LV81 is black.

Panasonic ES-LV61-A weighs 6.4 ounces and measures 2 x 2.8 x 6.3 inches, looks very modern, classy, solid and premium at first glance. In the box you will find the shaver itself, electric cord for charging the shaver, an instruction manual and cleaning instructions and a protective traveling case. Battery is lithium ion and recharging the shaver is very easy but you can’t use it during the charge which takes only 1 hour anyway (1 full hour charge will give you a total of 45 min of shave or a quick 5 min charge will give you a single shave). Just make sure the unit is switched off prior to charging and when you charge it for the first time or if you haven’t for a while, light may not turn on for a while and do not worry and you can’t overcharge it as the lights will turn off when it is charged. It is best if you drain the battery completely once a month or so- for the health and longevity of the battery.

Cleaning is quite straight forward as it is just a matter of rinsing under running water- first remove the foil cap, hold the on button for a few seconds, turn on the turbo mode and rinse it under running water, shake away any large water drops and let it dry on the side. Use liquid soap once in a while: So the foil cap back on, liquid soap directly on the foils, turn on turbo setting and rinse it under running water. If you shave every day, you may want to do this once a week or so. But just remember to clean the blades after your each shave, that is just taking off the foil cap and rinsing off the inner blades. Having 5 x 30 degree nano blades is the main feature of these Panasonic shavers, each blade designed to do something different- longer hair or shorter stubble, also with the pivoting head they are designed to give you a smooth and comfy shave.

You will find a few options at the rear: Free makes it pivoting at 360 degrees, lock setting that will lock the shaver into its place to make it non-pivoting and the trimmer setting if you push it all the way up you’ll get the trimmer for side burns or beard. At the front you have the lock switch just under the power button and you can’t turn it on when it is in a case when you’re traveling. When you turn the shaver on it tells you how long you used it for and the remaining battery life. It has a typical Panasonic shaver design, offer superior dry shaving and there is absolutely no resistance when you’re shaving your chin or cheek area. Thanks to its powerful motor and 5 blades that can shave off very thick hair that is tough to shave and with very little or zero irritation and does a great job around the neck, which happens to be a problem area for a lot of guys and you get a nice smooth finish. Arc5- 5 nanotech blade system with blades honed at 30 degree angle is for reduced shaving time and better coverage of different parts of your face and the face hugging pivoting head glides equally on the jaw line and chin.

Panasonic Electric Shaver ES-LV61-A Arc5

For wet shave, just set it up like you would with a disposable blade, so just wash your face with warm water and rub it with shaving gel, cream or soap and you will rinse it under running water every once in a while. Although wet shave is always a little messier with all electric shavers, this one does an excellent job- probably the best and if you have sensitive skin and if you like washing your face before shave and putting your shaving cream on, any of these Panasonic shavers are what you should choose as they are the most advanced shavers on the market- they are probably the priciest too and for good reasons: Excellent shave- wet or dry with 5 blades and pivoting head, effortless to use, easy to clean and definitely a great quality, solid and durable products.

Auto Cleaning System on the ES-LV81-K is the same as the LE93K model and the price difference is about $100- based on the recommended retail price but it is often less depending on discounts so you can either just go with the LV61-A model which is just the razor with travel bag etc. or the LV81-K in black plus the cleaning system. If you’d like to spend extra, just get the LV81-K model, either way is great and they are loaded with awesome innovative and smart functions that offer a comfy and very close shave. If you don’t like spending a lot on an electric shaver and if you do not have a lot of facial hair, then you may probably want to go with cheaper alternatives but these Panasonic shavers do deserve their higher price tags, no doubt about that!

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