Singtrix Party Bundle Limited Edition Home Karaoke System SPB-01LTD Review

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Singtrix Limited Edition Karaoke

Singtrix Party Bundle Limited Edition is a great home karaoke system by the creators of the original Guitar Hero. It is a super cool unit you’re just going to love. You can do any kind of music with it, you can harmonise with another person and you can plug in your smart phone or tablet or use any karaoke app. It comes with 300+ presets, you can choose your effects and sing anything you want or become the guitar itself by the twist of a knob- you can be the lead singer, the keyboard or guitar player or anyone in your favourite band as it will make you sound amazing by completely transforming your natural voice- it makes any bad singers sound awesome with its powerful studio-quality effects.

Singtrix comes with the High Fidelity 2.1 floor speaker with a subwoofer underneath- home theater system, a microphone with a special hit feature for the lead singer and another regular microphone with less effects as a backup vocal- without the pitch correction and live harmony, microphone stand, processor modules, smartphone tray and basically hundreds of effects on the box- the Studio. By pressing the song button you can take the voice out of a song, you can play any song from your phone and it will take the voice away or you may use the Karaoke Anywhere app that is built into Singtrix and it will play the lyrics of the song on the screen of your iPhone or iPad and lower the voice. Speaker is powerful, system comes with really cool effects for your voice, great to use at parties- a lot of fun and built by the guys that know how to make the audio hardware, it feels solid and it is super exciting. You can hit the high notes with it if you can not normally, helps you bring out the rock star in you, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned karaoke singer it will take your voice to the next level.

Studio unit/box is the heart of the amazing Singtrix experience, as they put the same vocal effects that the pros use inside it- Studio is the easy to use control centre where the transformation of your voice begins, it is just a simple but solid device with a backlit display, few large buttons and a centre-mounted knob, which is great for where visibility is an issue. It is a super versatile device that allows you to choose from 350 professional vocal presets and 25 reverb effects and each preset is a mix of voice effects like harmony high and low, reverb, doubling, pitch correction, voice thickening and delay to come up with a distinct sound and they are also listed on the preset booklet and there are 3 types of presets: Universal, Extreme and Song- the first two are ideal for beginners and they will be cool with any song. Some universal effects are styled to match certain genres of songs, such as pop, rock or country music. Extreme presets are more for things like morphing and gender-bending, really pushing the envelope of your voice. And the more advanced song presets are designed to match the vocals of favourite karaoke anthems. The unit allows you to save your favourite presets by pressing and holding the microphone volume button down.

Singtrix Karaoke System Studio

The hit effect button on Singtrix Studio is like the supercharged version of effects- live vocal harmonies, backup singers and instant super band at the press of a button- primary microphone also has the same hit effect button that is useful for epic bridges and choruses and the system supports any type of microphone. Then you have the ‘My Voice’ button that lets you select from three levels of voice enhancements: Skill levels enhanced, semi pro and pro (without the pitch correction but with all the voice sweetening stuff). If you want to use a song from your library you can press the ‘Song Voice’ button that lowers the vocals from the standard song and turning any song you want into a karaoke song. The microphone volume button will allow you to set the volume higher if you’re a quieter singer or lower it if you are a louder one and the main volume button controls the overall volume that goes into the speaker. You shouldn’t have to play with these too much as they already come preset, but if you will be using headphones or additional speakers, they would come in handy. If you wish to sing with someone else you are provided with two microphones- one of them for the lead singer with all the effects and the special hit button that gives it that supergroup effect and the other microphone has the backup simple effects like delay or reverb. Speaker with subwoofer is quite lightweight and portable but certainly is powerful at 40 watts, which you can as a gaming or home theatre speaker.

Singtrix Party Bundle Speaker

So to start using Singtrix, turn the speaker volume to 50%, turn on the studio, make sure your tablet or smart phone is plugged in. You can play any music you want from your library, such as iTunes or Spotify and if you don’t know the words use the Singtrix Karaoke app and if you are using a third party karaoke app you need to disable microphone within the app itself on your smart device. The unit comes with speaker and mic volume already optimised leave these as they are but adjust the volume on your device, start singing into the microphone while raising the volume on your device until you find a right balance. And you can obviously mix and match the songs and effects that range from very subtle to dramatic to come up with the settings you like. There is a paid app you can choose to use to have access to more than 13,000 songs to stream or download- this may be of better value to businesses that prefer the stability and consistency than having to search on Youtube manually. One of the customers don’t like having so many cords and they say the system could be more wireless. Overall it delivers great value as a karaoke machine and will give most people confidence to sing in public but it is not a cheap system so you would probably need to be more than just a casual karaoke singer to purchase this all-in-one system that goes beyond karaoke, but it will definitely make you want to sing more when you hear your voice sound so amazing.

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