Singing Machine iSM1030BT Bluetooth Karaoke Pedestal Review

Singing Machine iSM1030BT Karaoke via Amazon

Singing Machine iSM1030BT Karaoke

Singing Machine iSM1030BT is a complete bluetooth pedestal karaoke system that offers you different ways to record and listen to your songs and that plays music CDs, CD+G, MP3 and allows you to rip CD+graphics to MPS+graphics with Voice Record feature. It comes with two microphones, two satellite tower speakers and a 7 inch TFT LCD color easy to read and clear display that shows the lyrics clearly when you’re singing.

Singing Machine iSM1030BT weighs 18.5 pounds- quite lightweight, the Karaoke main unit measures 18.7 x 12 x 37.9 inches and the speakers 7.5 x 7.7 x 26.8 inches. It comes with a good range of connectivity options such as RCA output jack, Line in to hook up to other sound devices, Bluetooth for streaming digital sound from other Bluetooth enabled devices without needing wires and the USB port for helping you record and play your great songs- digital MP3+G. The universal resting cradle is convenient to have to stream music or to show song lyrics with iPads, iPhones, Android or Windows devices. Control panel has the echo, balance, auto control and digital key control. Free Singing Machine Karaoke application offers direct streaming of 1000s of songs on demand and it even has the FM radio and comes with a Karaoke songs disc.

You can use with your iPhone or iPad very easily (you can use the Singing Machine app to get your music through your iPad) but for the words to show on screen you will need to download certain software using discs. You can easily stream songs from Pandora, YouTube and more to have more karaoke fun- singing along with your favourite performers. It is nice to have two microphones rather than one like on many other karaoke machines and the FM radio is also great to have but as one of the customers pointed out, you can’t use the microphone when the radio is on- this is something to keep in mind. You often get very fast delivery via, set-up is very straight forward and is a great machine that is easy to use. You will have a lot of fun with family and friends and customers report it to become a big hit very soon after their purchase.

Singing Machine ISM1030BT Bluetooth Karaoke

Singing Machine is a great tool for entertainment, excuse for a bit of laughter and actually a great way to get your children off their computers, video games or phones and socialise a little. Judging by customer reviews online it is a very well functioning karaoke machine with decent sound and build quality- it is well made. You won’t need any batteries for this karaoke unit. There are a couple of those that complain about speakers or the sound quality but this is not a valid argument for all the units- most of them work just fine, if you do get a unit with distorted sound or come across any problems, company will repair or replace it for you, so do not pay attention to negative reviews, it really is a good unit offered at a very affordable price- very decent value for money proven by its sales performance on Amazon- it is the number 1 best seller in Karaoke Home System Packages category on the day of this review.

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