NutriChef PKTEWC Thermoelectric Chilling Wine Cooler, PKTEWC180, PKTEWC120, and PKTEWC80 Review

NutriChef PKTEWC Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

NutriChef PKTEWC180 Electric Chilling Wine Cooler, 18 Bottle, Silver

Silver NutriChef PKTEWC is a premium thermoelectric chilling single zone wine cooler that is offered in three different sizes of 18, 12 and 8 bottle capacities: PKTEWC180, PKTEWC120, and PKTEWC80. These are single zone wine coolers that let you store your white and red bottles in one place at the optimal temperatures with the very precise thermoelectric coolers.

You will adjust the temperature between 50 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit (10 – 18 degrees Celsius) through the digital touch-button LED Temp Control Display triangular plus and minus touch buttons. It shows the temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius right in the middle, with the F/C converter just to its left, and the light button to turn on and off the internal LED lights on the very left.

All three models are made of engineered thermoplastic ABS, have compact, sleek and modern designs that make them suitable for use in kitchen, office, home or living rooms. You’ll be storing your whites and reds on the stylishly polished chrome wine racks that slide out easily. It also includes a vertical shelf which works great with the storing of open bottles.

The fridge cools all your bottles evenly thanks to the integrated circulation fan and the ventilation grill at the rear. Your wine will stay fresh, tasty and crisp in the long-run with the Precision Thermoelectric Cooling System that also makes sure the cooler runs very quietly, making as little noise as possible. The airtight glass door seal NutriChef PKTEWC Electric Chilling Wine Coolerensures your white and red bottles are sealed in properly and the transparent glass lets you view the contents of the fridge clearly.

NutriChef PKTEWC80 is the smallest of the range, has an 8-bottle capacity with a weight of 22.1 pounds and the dimensions of 19.7 x 9.9 x 17.7 inches. The PKTEWC120 weighs 28.2 pounds, measures 19.7 x 9.9 x 25 inches and can fit in 12 standard sized and shaped bottles up to 12.6” length and 3.4” diameter. And the largest PKTEWC180 with a 50 liters of volume and 18-bottle capacity, weighs 33.1 pounds and measures 20 x 13.6 x 25.4 inches.

NutriChef PKTEWC has a stand-alone design so you can place it on your kitchen counter, table or floor conveniently. Judging by customer reviews, it actually looks better than it does in photos. There is even a lock function on the control panel so the settings will not be changed by accident. All three models are reported to do the job very well, as described, and keep your wine bottles at a set temperature consistently. They are offered with a year of quality warranty along with decent customer support.

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