Edgestar CWBV8030 30 Bottle + 80 Can Side-by-Side 30″ Wide Wine & Beverage Center Review

Edgestar CWBV8030 30 Bottle + 80 Can Side-by-Side

Edgestar CWBV8030 30 Bottle + 80 Can Side-by-Side

Stainless steel Edgestar CWBV8030 is a large capacity 30 inches wide beverage and wine cooler that can accommodate 80 cans and 30 wine bottles. You will actually be purchasing the two units- the CWR301SZ wine cooler and the CBR901SG beverage cooler together at a reduced price- it will work out cheaper than getting them separately.

You can use them side by side or at different locations, as they both have the beautiful standalone design. They are also suitable for use as built-in coolers thanks to the front ventilation on both: Good for use under the counter or flush-with-cabinetry. They have a total combined width of 30 inches- two x 15-inch units side by side. Each cooling unit weighs 83 pounds and measures 32 x 15 x 23.5 inches.

The wine cooler is a single zone unit with an easily adjustable temperature range of 40 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. And the minimum for the beverage section is 38 degrees and the maximum is 50 degrees. So the combined temperature range is between 38 and 65 degrees in the two temperature zones, depending on your needs. And you can store your different types of beverages at their optimal temperatures.

They include the built-in security locks if you want to keep your bottles or cans safe from your kids or unwanted intruding hands. Both EdgeStar Coolers have the tinted glass doors which you can see your bottles and cans through but also protect them from the harmful ultraviolet rays. They are sent right Edgestar CWBV8030 30 Bottle + 80 Canhinged and you can certainly reverse the door hinge by yourself easily for a French door design by just following the instructions manual.

You will get them shipped separately in two separate boxes. You have the LED lights in both units, sleek and modern design overall with the stainless steel trim. Both the beverage and wine coolers have the powerful compressors and internal fans that circulate efficiently. You have the 130-watt power in each one with 1.8 amperes and 115V/60Hz voltage. So everything at all levels will cool properly with the cool air distributed evenly and there will be no hot spots.

There is an integrated carbon filter in the wine cooler that prevents any unwanted and potentially harmful smells. The 30 wine bottle capacity is for the standard Bordeaux type bottles and you can remove one or two shelves if you wish to fit in larger or different shaped bottles. They run fairly quietly with only light humming when the compressors are doing cycles but this won’t disturb you at all. They both do the job very well- cool your beverages quickly and efficiently and stay at the set temperatures consistently.

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