Logitech Combo Touch for iPad Pro & Air with Backlit Keyboard with Kickstand, Keyboard Case & Smart Connector Review

Logitech Combo Touch for iPad Pro & Air

Logitech Combo Touch iPad Pro 12.9

Logitech Combo Touch is made up of a detachable backlit keyboard with kickstand, the click-anywhere trackpad, a keyboard case and a smart connector. As Amazon’s Choice in tablet keyboard cases by Logitech, it is offered in Oxford gray and sand colors.

Logitech Combo Touch first became available on May 1, 2021 and the average customer rating is 4.6 out of 5 stars by 63 users at the moment. It is ranked the 5th best selling among the tablet keyboard cases at Amazon.com. And there are three style options of iPad Pro 12.9″, iPad Pro 11″ and iPad Air. The 12.9″ version we’re reviewing is compatible with the 5th generation 2021 model iPad Pro- A2461, A2462, A2378 and A2379 and iPad OS 13.4 and above.

The membrane keyboard has 78 keys and it measures 11.24L x 0.69W x 8.89H inches. You can view, read, sketch and type in the 4 different modes of the Combo Touch without needing to detach the iPad Pro from the keyboard case. You can actually remove the keyboard once you’re done typing and you have the viewing angles of up to 50 degrees with the flexible kickstand. It comes with a good size click-anywhere trackpad that is reliable and responsive that lets you use the whole surface to do the multi-touch trackpad gestures.

There are 16 brightness levels on the keyboard backlighting that are automatically adjusted to the environment. And you have the iPad OS short cut keys for you to access the volume Up and Down and more easily. You’re getting a solid form-fit cover for protecting the corners, back and front on the iPad Pro, to hold it in place whatever you’re doing. The power is straight from your iPad and you will not need to charge the Combo Touch separately as you just power and pair instantly with the iPad Pro thanks to the Smart Connector technology.

You can charge your Apple Pencil easily as you keep the case on as there is an opening on the side of the iPad Pro case. But you can’t secure the Apple Pencil on the Combo Touch and it attaches to iPad magnetically. It is quite a thoughtfully designed keyboard that lets you type comfortably both day and night. The Logitech Combo Touch is just like an extension of the iPad Pro, having a premium look andLogitech Combo Touch iPad Pro 12.9-inch feel, being made of good quality materials. It holds your iPad safely in place and you can have a peace of mind that it will not slip.

Logitech Combo Touch weighs 1.72 pounds and measures 11.24 x 8.89 x 0.69 inches. You can reverse and fold it backwards behind your iPad for storage purposes when you’re not using it in tablet mode. It is actually reported to feel much better than an Apple keyboard. You have the function keys including the ESC. Please note that this one doesn’t have the passthrough USB-C power outlet which is available on the Apple Magic keyboard. The warranty offered is one year by the manufacturer. Logitech has a solid winner here and it is no surprise that it is sold in the Apple stores.

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