LG Electronics 39LB5600 39-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV Review

39-Inch LG 39LB5600 LED TV via Amazon

lg electronics 39lb5600 TV

LG Electronics 39LB5600 is the new 39 inch Full HD LED TV with 1080p resolution for a more detailed image giving you the best of HD, Triple XD Engine for Clarity, Contrast and Colour and 60Hz refresh rate and an MCI- Motion Clarity Index of 120 offering great picture quality in quick motion- displaying action very well.

LG 39LB5600 is not a smart TV but LED backlit for clearer and brighter colours with power efficient light-emitting diodes and offers 1080p resolution- best picture resolution means double the resolution of regular HD resolution for clearer and brighter image and detailed colours, blur free viewing in sports and action- fast moving stuff looking crystal clear. An MCI of 120 means improved frame rates, great local dimming, elaborate backlight scanning and the ability to display action very well with picture looking super clear. Brand new Triple XD Engine Technology of LG offers the best of Contrast, Clarity and Colour for the best image quality possible.

lg 1080p 39lb5600

To get the ideal image quality, LG’s Picture Wizard II is quite easy to use and helps with adjusting the colour, contrast, sharpness, tint, backlighting grade to come up with the best possible picture. The USB port is good for playing the videos, songs or photos on your hard drive or USB. As this is a DivX certified television, like the other LG TVs you can play great DivX content from video up to 1080p via the DivX High Definition. Clear Voice II is a feature specific to LG televisions and helps with getting the clearest sound and dialogue making it more understandable against background noise or sound.

LG 39LB5600 helps you save on energy bills by about 30% both on standby or switched on modes as it is an Energy Star qualified television meeting the strict power efficiency principles of the American EPA and also with the clever and automatic Smart Energy Saving function handling the electricity usage of your LG TV without you having to worry about it by adjusting the backlight control, Standby Mode Zero feature to enable the TV to use zero electricity in hibernation mode and the ability to turn off the display and just playing the sound or music. It is quite a light TV at about 18.3 pound weight and has the dimensions of 34.8 x 20.6 x 2.2 inches without stand, so it is quite easy to move when needed. It comes with 2 HDMI ports, 2 x USB 2.0 ports to play your videos, songs or photos (DivX HD, MP3 and JPEG) that are stored on USB, 1 x Digital Audio Out, 1 x Component and 1 x Composite (shared).

Although not an outstanding smart TV with the most and the best of the features, this is a good TV with decent audio and picture quality, has the ideal 39 inch size for living rooms or bedrooms, has a simplistic design, weighs only a little over 18 pounds and is offered at an affordable price- so you’re getting really good value for money with extremely nice picture quality for how much you’re spending. Sound quality is all right, like any integrated speakers so don’t expect anything extraordinary but still good enough but you might want to purchase a good sound bar if you want immersive sound. Despite its small flaws, it offers great value for your dollar and comes with a 12 month limited parts and labor warranty.

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