Jensen 6.2″ Navigation Receiver DVD CD Touchscreen Monitor VX7020 Review

Jensen VX7020 6.2″ Navigation Receiver via Amazon

Jensen Navigation Receiver VX7020

Jensen VX7020 is a top of the range navigation receiver that will help you find your way easily offering great value for money with a beautiful 6.2 inch TFT high resolution LCD touchscreen, 4 inch tall double DIN dash openings, 13 watt internal amp, app control for Android, iPhone and Blackberry, integrated excellent Bluetooth connectivity with hands free calling by incorporating your phone and streaming of music..

.. Quick and accurate iGo Primo Navigation software with Naviextras web support to get maps of other countries on different continents with their points of interest, sound capabilities and music streaming from telephones with AD2P giving you direct control over your sound and video sources- lets you use the navigation receiver for streaming music from your phone, subwoofer controls and of course no more worrying about getting lost.

Jensen Navigation Receiver includes maps of all of United States, Puerto Rico and Canada with 3D graphics of some landmarks, buildings, terrain and elevated roads and lots of points of interest- giving you suggestions on what is available locally. Lane Guidance and Junction View give you realistic view of complicated intersections including red lights, speed limits and traffic info, to guide you on the road making it very easy to navigate. iGo Primo is the standard in navigation industry these days because of its user friendliness, accuracy and speed.

Integrated Bluetooth means being able to receive and make calls hands free via the stereo by incorporating your smartphone. It can play all your DVDs or iPod videos using an iLink USB cable on receiver’s LCD display (of course when you park your car), USB memory devices, CDs that are loaded with songs while front and back A/V inputs making it possible to connect to other sources of sound and video, allowing you to watch or control the Pandora internet radio on your iPhone via Jensen’s interface.

Jensen Navigation Receiver VX7020

You can connect an optional satellite radio tuner to Jensen to be able to listen to a great variety of different satellite radio stations or view the channel art as you won’t be able to pick up radio stations as you drive through the country roads- It is compatible with SXV200 SiriusXM satellite radio tuner. Jensen comes with a remote control to give the passengers at the back seat to choose things, it is compatible with many steering wheel sound controls if you need to keep them and you need an adapter in some cases, comes with a variety of inputs and outputs, such as 5-channel preamp outputs, rear-view camera input, rear A/V output, front USB input, front (minijack) and rear (RCA) A/V inputs. allows you to hook up a rear-view cam to see what is behind your car when getting in and out of narrow spots.

One of the customers found it hard to figure out the updating of NAVI but it is basically by putting the mini SD card into a computer and by downloading the software on the computer which will enable it to recognise the SD card then login to your account on the software and update it to the most recent version. You need to buy an ASWC-1 to be able to use the steering wheel control function. And the instructions that come with Jensen can be a little tricky so you may need the help of tech support. Navigation function is very responsive, comes with useful 3D maps.

Jensen VX7020 Navigation Receiver is quite a remarkable device and not expensive at all for all that it offers, just think about the cost of adding a Bluetooth module to a Nav unit- often more than how much this receiver costs. It is a high quality one with great sound and video that is also very easy to set-up and use- comes with many useful functions, is CEA-2006 compliant and the warranty included is 12 months by the manufacturer and you get great customer support. So It is quite hard to beat this one for its price and comes with many great features, bells and whistles.

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