JBL Cinema SB400 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Soundbar with 8″ Wireless Subwoofer (Certified Refurbished) Review

JBL Cinema SB400 2.1CH Soundbar with Subwoofer via Amazon

JBL CINEMA SB400 2.1CH Bluetooth Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer

JBL Cinema SB400 is an all inclusive- complete home theatre sound system of a 2.1 channel sound bar with an 8 inch wireless subwoofer and Bluetooth, with sound that will fill the room without you having to fill the room with speakers and cables- it is a great plug and play solution with Dolby Digital decoding, TV-volume learning feature and full bass control. The sound system reviewed on this page is a manufacturer certified and refurbished one with a 90 day warranty by JBL and shows very little sign of use or none at all and JBL as you know is a very well respected and popular company for sound bars. It has 120 watts of integrated power on the main unit and 200 watts on the 20cm (8”) wireless subwoofer.

Super cool JBL Cinema SB400 weighs 7.3 pounds and measures 3.75 x 43.3 x 2.5 inches and the wireless subwoofer weighs 23.1 pounds with dimensions of 14 x 13 x 12.63 inches. You can connect it to your iPhone, Android phone, iPad or any tablet and stream music through it easily and conveniently as it offers Bluetooth streaming. Most slim modern high definition TV’s that you purchase will lack that rich sound even when they come with great features and with the powered wireless subwoofer with bass/boost control that comes with this unit that you can put anywhere in your room and get full rich low frequency response. The sound bar includes a total of four drivers of two mid-range and two high frequency drivers that offer you that awesome full and rich sound with smooth and crisp highs and any voice you will hear when you are watching movies is going to be perfect. You will use only the remote of the JBL sound bar and not separate remotes for TV and sound with the HDMI passthrough- switching (three inputs and one output) as you will be switching inputs on the TV by bringing all your sources into the sound bar and a single output from the sound bar to the TV- which is OK if you’re just using the TV and not other devices as a lot of televisions use the ARC- Audio Return Channel.

JBL CINEMA SB400 2.1CH Bluetooth Soundbar with 8 inch Wireless SubwooferMost TVs use the optical cable just fine but in case your TV doesn’t allow optical input, the wireless remote that it comes with will learn your TV’s functions from your existing TV remote- and this feature alone makes it quite popular. And when you use a single HDMI cable from TV into the JBL sound bar, video will be delivered by TV and the sound by the sound system so it is a two-way thing. There is even a dip-switch at the rear that allows your sound bar to deliver better sound as it is flipped and adjusted for your room. You will see Wall and Table, as the acoustics are different if it is placed on a wall or a table. Thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity you can listen to your music through the sound system by wirelessly connecting your smartphone or tablet to the sound bar. This JBL sound system with its great features competes successfully with sound bars that cost much more and the subwoofer is wireless and the typical home theatre type with frequency and audio adjustments. You’ll get amazing cinema quality sound from such a compact device with the Harman Display Surround Sound Technology for creating a 3D listening environment by only two channels. It requires no difficult installations and it is just a matter of connecting and playing. You will see the current source, sound mode, volume and Bluetooth connection status on the OSD- On Screen Display.

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