Saving Money When Shopping Online- On Amazon and Other Retailers

Shopping On and Other Websites Wisely

You can probably buy any products these days online, on or any other large shopping websites, and it is probably good to know some tricks and tips to make sure you’re not paying a lot more than you should. And when you’re at the checkout section, many of you would worry if your credit card is secure or if you’re paying a bit more than you should or too much for that item, not to mention that it is often a little hard to find the right price in the first place. On this page we’ll look at some of the tricks that you might want to make use of when you’re shopping online. is the largest shopping site in US and the second largest in the whole world after and they really do offer great deals on a great range of products and usually very fast shipping, depending on the seller or if directly from Amazon.

Shopping on Amazon and other websites wisely
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But to think that you have nowhere else to look and you need to buy directly from Amazon is just wrong, if you use Google search you will find a few other major shopping and comparison sites, you can bookmark certain sites or use browser extensions for Google Chrome and others, type of apps like Priceblink for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari or Invisible Hand for Firefox, Safari or Chrome that will let you know when there is a better alternative (for price) on another retail website and they work as great functional add-ons or extensions within your browsers. These will often help you save a few dollars here and there but it is always a wise idea to track the past prices of the products you are interested in as the prices of products can fluctuate over time- weekdays and weekends and the which day of the year and it is good to know the prime seasons for products you want to purchase. And if you don’t wish to have too much stuff on or around you browser, you can always use websites like Keepa to view the history among others.

Amazon even has an outlet store where you can find many items reduced to about 60% off the recommended retail prices so if you do not need a certain item or model but looking for a decent product with a low price tag then this is where you should be looking. You have the SlickDeals and Amazon has a Gold box page that features many very recently reduced price items or fast sales for an hour but even if you think you’re getting such a good deal on Amazon Gold box, you still need to do a price comparison. Many websites including Amazon and that will send you an email to inform you if the price of a particular product drops so you don’t need to check day after day, this is especially useful for products that have peaked in value and that you don’t mind giving out your email address. You should also add the shipping costs to the items you’re purchasing and consider joining Amazon Prime for an annual fee, which is currently at 79 dollars a year and you will get two day free shipping on many items in Amazon warehouse and have access to lots of streaming movies. There are of course a few other ways you can look for lower prices on products and save money but we covered the main points on this page.

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