Audio 2000’S AKJ7809 Recordable All-In-One Karaoke/PA System Review

Audio 2000’S AKJ7809 AIO Karaoke/PA System via Amazon

Audio 2000'S AKJ7809 Karaoke

The Audio 2000’S AKJ7809 is a portable, recordable and powerful All-in-One ‘Karaoke/Public Address-PA’ self-contained sound system with a DVD/CDG/CD player, integrated amplifiers, 100 watt of power through the 4 speakers (4” x 2 and 3” x 2) and USB and SD card options. It comes with many audio and video inputs and outputs for it to be connected to computers, multiple TV sets, external sound systems and sound effect units. It is suitable for use at home parties or gigs at restaurants and bars- do karaoke or hook up instruments into the keyboard and guitar instruments or sing at functions and weddings- it should work just fine.

Audio AKJ7809 measures 22 x 23 x 16 inches, so it is compact and portable for anyone that needs it outside their homes. At the front on the left you will see the red power button, blue inputs button and disc to their left which means you can play karaoke or regular disc. You just have to press the blue button underneath the power button which gives you 4 options and you bring it to AV1 which is the second from the top in order to use with laptop. You have your music EQ right next to the power and input buttons and microphone effects on the right- bass, treble (highs), echo (how much echo you want to allow), and then repeat and delay let you adjust the type of digital echo you have with the microphone, for enhancing vocals.

You’ll see the Mic Volume and the main Music Volume, then the Vocal Cancel underneath only if you have the karaoke discs that have lead vocals you want to remove- but this doesn’t work with normal discs. You have your LCD display just to the left and 11 small buttons that allows you to choose which songs you want from the disc, to the left there is EQ on and off- you may probably want to have it on. The keyboard and guitar effects, you have your standard buttons for your CD player, it also has a function that allows you to record, if you use a regular karaoke disc you want to record onto an SD card or thumb drive and record- you can record mixed microphone sound and music to the SD card and USB. There is the digital key controller that pretty much changes the key of the music- not the speed. So you have a good variety of options that allow you to adjust the sound. Recording feature lets you record singing, speeches and music to a USB drive or an SD card.

Audio 2000'S AKJ7809 Karaoke

Laptop connects to the AKJ7809 through the laptop jack, it can come out of your laptop whether it is HDMI or VGA, bring it to a bigger TV screen and just do the dual screen-depending on the settings inside the computer. There is the main power switch at the rear and the unit comes with two microphones with on/off switch, a remote control for easy operation, a power cord, microphone cables and the extra RCA cables. Audio 2000 AKJ7809 is a great system that is easy to use for families to connect their laptop, connect to the internet and sing along to karaoke- seeing the lyrics on the computer screen or even on HDTV via the HDMI connection of laptop. Wireless mics would be nice to have but the two mics that come with it do a good job too. It offers really good value for money- performance to price ratio is rather high: Good quality, multifunctional and fun- mainly for home entertainment use, but quite all right outside home too.

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