Amcrest 960H Video Security System Review

Amcrest 960H Video Security System via Amazon

AMCREST 960H Video Security System

Amcrest 960H is a great quality, professional grade high resolution simple, secure and reliable video security system that offers wide-screen video with decent image sensors so you can see picture up to 34% larger than D1 resolution and great density of detail (sharp, crisp and detailed picture) by the 800+ TVL camera and is offered at a relatively low cost. It is suitable for home or business use and comes with a 12 month domestic- US warranty by Foscam Digital Tech. and support for the life of the product.

With Amcrest 960H you will get 4 high res 800+ TVL cameras for superior video, a hard drive of 500GB capacity that allows non-stop recording for 6 days or 144 hours at high resolution, can be upgraded up to a max of 3TB and use of low res and motion detection to record for up to more than 30 days. It is not complicated to set up, you plug it in and play (well sort of.. you’ll need to do a bit more as explained below) as the cameras link directly to DVR. It comes with weatherproof IP66 standard cameras that are suitable for indoor and outdoor use (built to come with severe weather conditions of rain and wind) day and night with the IR-LED night vision. ARCMs Link application is included in the package and it allows you to go online on your Android devices, iPads and iPhones to keep an eye on things- view and record no matter where you are, as long as you have internet access so it is beyond being just a closed-circuit CCTV system.

AMCREST 960H 720p surveillance

Be aware that the cameras are not wireless, you will need to run wires which also means better and more secure and reliable outcome than if they were wireless. You can view these four high resolution cameras at the same time on screen so you get to see everything (and these four cameras are great quality though- which is obvious at even first glance and come in solid casings). Night Vision means you will find 24 IR LEDs that turn on automatically in the dark or at night and these cameras can see 65 feet away in low lighting or dark so you get to cover quite a bit. Functions like Scheduled Recordings and Motion Detection give you a lot more control over things. You have the USB backup for peace of mind, just plug in a USB drive or even an external HDD to arrange or work on your recordings or still images. Cloud storage is also possible for backing up more conveniently.

Amcrest 960H‘s DVR has a simple and solid software interface, and system allows DIY installation, advanced motion detection, long distance transmit range, smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android) viewing with remote web browser and more, making it one of the best value video security systems out there. This is nothing like those cheap low resolution cameras with useless software and cheap components and video quality is exceptional. It is shipped very well packaged for preventing damage to the internal components or the exteriors of the unit. In the box you will find the solid control unit, four cameras, a mouse, power supplies and cables- all the hardware and connectors that you will need and it is rather easy to install. ’Easy to install’ means they are not 5 second plug in and play stuff but require the following of simple instructions in the manual as well as playing with the menu and options a bit. It is an overall great quality functional system that we highly recommend.

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