Arlo VMS3230-100NAS Smart Home Security Camera System- VMS3130 and VMS3030 Review

Arlo VMS3230 Smart Home Security System via Amazon

Arlo Smart Home Security System

Arlo VMS3230 is claimed to be a unique- the first and only smart DIY home security system by Netgear with super clear high definition video and completely wire-free cameras suitable for use indoors or outdoors (VMS3130-100NAS is the model number for 1 HD camera and VMS3030 is for the add-on HD camera). It is smaller in size than a bar of soap, seems to be very easy to set-up and install in less than 10 minutes, is easy to use and works on battery power- regular or rechargeable, allowing you to monitor your home from every angle possible- if you care about your security.

Because Arlo Home Security cordless cameras (patented 100% wire-free design), you can choose where you put them up in your house or outside discreetly- easy placement anywhere: You can use them to keep an eye on your baby or have it set-up outdoors so it gives you quite a bit of flexibility with also the longer lasting batteries. When you’re away you’ll know what’s happening in your house as you also choose to get customisable activity alerts via email with motion sensor or get app notifications and watch anywhere- home or away with Android, Kindle or iOS apps. Being weatherproof cameras you’ll be able to see the outside of your house and you’ll see it all in great detail of high definition quality even in the dark with Night vision cameras with HD clarity.

When you first get Arlo Security System out of the box, you need to connect the base station to the router with the Ethernet cable that comes with the unit then connect the power adapter and turn the base station on. If you will be using your smart phone, just look for Arlo in Google Play for Android and App Store for iOS. Open the downloaded app or visit on your computer and create your Arlo account for secure access to your cameras. To set-up your cameras insert the 4 batteries ensuring battery polarity and bring the cameras within 3 feet range of the station and press the sync button, wait for the sync button till the status led blinks green and the button on top of the camera till the blue LED blinks. If it blinks orange instead of blue, you’ll need to resync your camera. For the best motion detection, you need to put your cameras at least 7 feet above the floor, aiming slightly down.

Netgear Arlo Home Security

Cameras have a flat base so they can be placed on a flat surface, or mounted on a wall using the magnetic camera mount supply hardware and you can get a 6-pound minimum rating adhesive and to mount them on a dry wall you can use the drywall anchor that is included in the box.  You need to make use of the positioning mode in camera settings in Arlo app, which allows you to make camera adjustments while viewing the video feed and before finalising the positioning, check the signal strength and camera range. You get the Cloud video service- 200MB of free storage by Netgear for free as well as many service upgrades- free or paid, that is if you wish to make even better use of your security system.

Arlo VMS3230 is a brand new camera security system released only in late 2014, promising to deliver 720p resolution picture quality and you’re free to lower the resolution as you wish (image quality is really good), allows live streaming day and night and is suitable for both indoors and outdoors use. For improved battery life and to make better use of the provided storage space, the system sends data at 1.5Mbps speed which is the usual upload speed for home internet connections and also great video compression. As a con, you can’t store the recorded video locally at the moment if you need to but comes with two USB ports. You can have up to 15 cameras simultaneously- will be supported by the single hub that uses less power variety of 802.11 wireless with a maximum speed of 6Mbps and wireless range of 150 feet. Netgear claims the battery life to be (cameras will last) up to 6 months assuming that you only watch the camera for only 4 mins per day and this will be less by longer usage.

Arlo Home Security by Netgear

One of the customers had a problem with the Arlo app freezing on their Android phone and this was solved each time by restarting the app or phone. Another person had a problem with shorter battery life in cold temperatures but apparently this is due to a software issue that Netgear is working on- that the battery life being misreported at cold temperatures, otherwise the battery life is fine and you will always be better off using the balanced option for video quality to experience the optimal image quality and battery life. You need only 2 x CR123 rechargeable or normal batteries to run the cameras but can put up 4 batteries in it. With the free 200 MB Cloud service (with up to 1GB secure cloud DVR storage) you can view recorded or live videos from your smart phone, tablet or computer, modify settings and receive app or email alerts, watch five cams at once and enable or disable motion sensors on each camera. It seems to be a decent home security system that is easy to use and set-up, with longer battery life, offering functionality and durability.

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