Swagway 85370V Self Balancing Electric Unicycle Two Wheels Scooter Review

Swagway 85370V X1 Electric Two Wheel Scooter via Amazon

Swagway Self Balancing Electric Unicycle Two Wheels Scooter


Swagway X1 85370V is a self balancing hands free two wheel electric scooter that can carry a max of 265 pounds of body weight, can climb 15 degrees incline, turn at zero degrees and can make a max speed of 12 miles per hour- is promoted as the lightest (weighs 26.5 pounds) and fastest scooter model around. It is offered in six different colours of black, blue, white, bright red, green and midnight garnet and when you make your choice go for the one you like most and the one that will hide the scratches most as these scooters can scratch up easily. It is actually an American brand (not Chinese), includes 12 month warranty by the manufacturer and is FCC, Prop65, RoHS, CE, UN38.3 and WERCs certified.

Swagway X1 85370V can go over ten miles distance on a single charge at a max speed of 10 mph (comes with an advanced Samsung battery and charges quite fast at around two hours). It is not hard to learn at all if you’ve never tried one of these units before and in most cases getting the hang of it doesn’t take most people more than five minutes as it is quite simple to learn, is easy to use (just like a motor scooter) and is highly customisable. It is a brand new practical way of going from one place to another by having a lot of fun on the way as it feels just like being on a skateboard but feels as easy as riding a motor scooter and you look cool on this when you’re out and about. This model is actually different to some of the Chinese electric scooters as it will automatically balance for you when you get on it as the double action motors work to your body movement.

Swagway 85370V Self Balancing Electric Unicycle Two Wheels Scooter

Moving your body forward will accelerate the unit, back will reverse it, left for turning left and right for turning right and just after a few minutes you will start having a lot of fun with it as you can do tricks and stunts like fakies, jumps and more just like you can with a skateboard: is almost like the hoverboard in ‘Back to the Future’. If you think of it as a mode of transport, it may make a great alternative to taking the bus and riding a bicycle as a great eco-friendly and fun to use vehicle. You’ll find the main unit, charging cable, the User Manual and the advanced Samsung battery in the box. Build quality is really nice and weighing in at under 27 pounds it can feel a little hefty that makes it feel nice and solid and won’t fall apart so easily and would be easy for most people to carry it around into the office or class. This one is quite fast when you consider that the average jogging speed is 4 to 6 miles per hour and it will give you a beeping sound when you’re going at max speed.

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