SPT WC-2194 Under-Counter Wine & Beverage Cooler Review

SPT WC-2194 Under-Counter Wine Cooler

SPT WC-2194 Under-Counter Wine & Beverage Cooler

SPT WC-2194 is an under-counter style wine fridge that can be used as a cooler for different types of beverages as well. It has a 2.19 cubic feet capacity and can hold 21 regular Bordeaux size and type wine bottles.

Black SPT Wine Cooler is a sturdy heavy-duty product that weighs 71 pounds and has the dimensions of 11.8 x 22.4 x 34.2 inches- small footprint. With the “Memory IC” feature, the wine cooler will restart at the last settings- recover automatically in case of a power failure.

The temperature range is specified as 41 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit and is quite stable as you’d expect from a high-end model. It cools down relatively quickly and will stay at the temperature you set it to. You can have the temperature as Fahrenheit or Celcius with the help of a touch button on the digital display panel.

It holds ETL certification for meeting the nationally recognized product safety standards and ETL Sanitation for being suitable for use in an environment where food is produced for human consumption. It is suitable for use in North America- the United States and Canada as the voltage is specified as 120V.

The WC-2194 has the built-in slide-in installation for under the counters with the front ventilation and can be used as a free standing (stand-alone) fridge. It has an iron exterior with a stainless steel door with a classy handle. In the box, you will find the SPT Wine Cooler with six metal racks and the User Manual.

SPT WC-2194 Under-Counter Wine Fridge

Black and silver SPT Cooler looks rather modern and elegant in all metal with stainless steel trimming around the double paned insulated glass. It will look good in any kitchen or bar decor and will even add to the overall appearance. The convenient ventilation at the front allows flush built-in set-up.

The recommended temperatures for different types of wine are, 41 to 47 degrees for sparkling wine, 46 to 57 degrees for white, 54 to 57 for light red and 59 to 65 for full red. There is a separate independent light and lock switch to turn on and off the soft interior LED light as well as locking the unit for protecting your bottles. The front leveling legs are great for adjusting to any unevenness on the floor.

You do not have to do any defrosting manually at regular intervals as it includes the automatic defrost function and a circulation fan. The metal shelves are a bit flat and that may look like a problem when putting in your wine bottles. And we’re not sure if the door is reversible on this model, it doesn’t seem to be. It looks beautiful, is designed to last long with its heavy-duty construction, performs well and runs relatively quietly so it won’t be a problem having it near bedroom or living room. Very decent wine fridge at a reasonable price.

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