Sharper Image Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter Review

Black Sharper Image Hoverboard via Amazon

Sharper Image Hoverboard Black

Sharper Image Hoverboard is a self balancing rechargeable scooter / dream walker with large 6.5 inch wheels, a powerful motor, an integrated electric gyroscope to help you maintain your upright position and runs on battery power (36V / 4.4Ah / 158WH lithium ion battery with 100-240 V, 50-60Hz charger voltage). It has blue LED lights that both make the unit look cool and that is good for security reasons- so that others can see you in the dark. It is called self balancing because of the four sensors underneath the mats and pressure sensitive pads on top that click and activate both wheels to help you balance and after a few minutes of practice you’ll notice that it will start moving with just your thinking.

It almost reads your mind as small movements of your feet will come automatically from your brain and this scooter will accelerate, turn left, right or around on the same spot or stop. With intuitive controls you will be shifting your body weight and it will start, stop or move in any direction you want. First thing most people notice when the Sharper Image scooter arrives at their address is how heavy the box is, so yes it is heavier than many of you will think- it weighs about 24 pounds and yes you can still carry it in your hand to wherever you’re going, to use it on the way back or when it runs out of battery. It has a LED status indicator of low power (red) when it is less than 20 percent and green when is at 100%.

Sharper Image Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter

Sure it will depend on your weight, the temperature outside and on what kind of surface you’re riding it but on average it will run for about 12 miles comfortably if fully charged and the full charging shouldn’t take more than one and a half hours. Maximum speed is specified as 10 miles per hour but to be fair the reasonable max speed on such a device would be about 6-7 miles per hour, anything more than that can be a bit risky for you and others.

It has zero turning radius meaning you can turn around at a fixed point- no U turns needed like motor vehicles and can climb 15 degrees max. You’ll experience a smooth ride with the hollow rubber tyres and as long as you don’t use it on very rough surfaces, you’re going to really enjoy it- as you may have heard before it is a lot of fun to ride this thing. It can carry a total user weight of up to 250 pounds and depending on your weight you can go faster and slower and the range on a single charge will vary as well. It is offered in two colors of black or white and unlike units shipped from overseas- mainly China that can take weeks.

These are shipped from a warehouse in Florida and you should get it within 1 to 5 business days with Fedex, depending on stocks in the warehouse. In the box you will find the main scooter, AC battery charger and a user manual, so carrying bag is not included and you can certainly order it at the same time through Amazon. It is made of solid plastic like the other scooters online as they are all made by the same manufacturer so pick the cheaper one (you will only see small design differences and this model has a great price on the day of this review) and can be scratched easily so it is not going to fall apart or break easily as long as you’re careful but is kind of prone to scratching.

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