Samsung SDH-C5100 16 Channel 720p HD DVR Video Security System Review

Samsung SDH-C5100 Surveillance System via Amazon

SDH-C5100 - Samsung 16ch HD Camera Security System

Samsung SDH-C5100 is a brand new all-in-one versatile HD DVR 16 channel home security system as part of the DIY line of Samsung SDH series and includes pretty much everything you may need to get started such as 10 x 720p high definition night vision and IPP66 rated bullet style weatherproof and dustproof SDC-8440BC cameras with 3.6mm focus length and 100 degrees depth visual angle, 10 BNC Siamese cables/connectors for these cameras (8 of these BNC cables are 60 feet long and 2 are 90 feet), a large storage capacity and a dependable 2TB Seagate hard drive.

Samsung SDH-C5100 security system weighs 24 pounds and has the measurements of 18 x 14 x 12 inches. It has an HDMI port to let you view great quality images on your HDTV or monitor (Previous SDE series systems don’t have HDMI), a VGA port as the standard analogue output (best to use 15-pin VGA cable with the SDH series because of compatibility) and a USB 2.0 port, is simple to set up and use with a convenient interface and if you encounter any issues you get great lifetime customer support from Samsung. It comes with 10 cameras but you can have up to a total of 16 if you wish. With these solid and easy to install cameras, it is a reliable and affordable state-of-the-art security system that you can use for both your home or business security.  All of the 10 cameras can record up to 82 feet distance in night vision with the automatically activated infrared lights- even in total dark and they come with IR cut filter for the best daytime picture.

Samsung SDH-C5100 16 channel Security SystemThe system can be arranged for motion detection and set to send you email alerts as the system is computer (both PC and Mac) and smartphone/iPhone ready which means you can view wherever you are in the world and at any time on Mobile Viewer, iPolis mobile or iExplorer browser so you know what’s happening. The iPolis mobile app is available on the app store and you can upload it by scanning the QR code with your phone. It uses the H.264 compression technology so you get more out of the already large 2TB storage space- longer recording, has the HDD overwrite feature and the HDD Smart. You will be connected all the time and will even be able to change any of the DVR functions remotely from your computer. So it really feels like Samsung developed this surveillance system with your convenience in mind. You can connect the DVR with as many Samsung surveillance systems at multiple locations as you wish and monitor all of them at once via the Smartviewer software from one location and you do not need to long in and out of each system constantly, you just give the camera of specific system names and view them from anywhere and at any time 24/7.

You can search and review the recorded and archived videos easily with the convenient search and review menu on the SDH-C5100. They are 720p HD cameras but the system supports up to 1080p Full HD resolution with even sharper images. Picture is clear and sharp with the high definition 720p cameras that allow great quality recordings (actually something common to Samsung security systems) with wider area viewing, fine details and vibrant colours and at 480 total frames per second. 16 channel means the system can save and play 16-channel video data at the same time. IP66 rating of cameras means they are dustproof, weatherproof and highly water resistant, meaning you can put them indoors or outdoors even in the toughest weather conditions, as they are built to be quite durable and last a long time. With the easily adjustable brackets provided cameras can be places at any position on the shelves, ceiling or wall. With over 7 decades of history Samsung Electronics is a world leader in high-tech electronics and digital media, offering reliable and innovative products at competitive prices, and for security systems it certainly is a brand name you can count on.

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