Pyle PSUFM1238BT Bluetooth PA Loudspeaker Karaoke Entertainment System Review

Pyle PSUFM1238BT Bluetooth PA Loudspeaker Karaoke

Pyle PSUFM1238BT Bluetooth PA Loudspeaker Karaoke Entertainment System

If you have a party coming up, the Pyle PSUFMBT Bluetooth Speaker should be the ultimate choice to pump up the beat. Being a wireless device it may be a convenient choice and the inbuilt LED lights would help you add some extra spice to your party. The box includes the Active Speaker Tower and the Microphone, as well as the power and audio connection cables and a remote control. It is also packed with rolling wheels which would make transporting this speaker a less tedious task.

It boasts of a number of specifications and advantages as described below:

Wireless streaming via Bluetooth is one of the highlights of this product. It is also backed by USB and SD card reader slots which make connectivity a lot smoother. The digital LCD display and top panel audio control center will help you get all the necessary information you may need. Two ¼ inch microphone inputs and a wireless microphone would help set your karaoke on the right track. Treble, Bass, Echo and Volume has easy controls and can be tuned according to the preference of the crowd. Devices can be connected to stream audio and have an RCA aux input as well. So, you can play the music of your choice in just the way you want.

It can stream music instantly when connected to any Bluetooth device and is compatible with most of these devices available in the market. The Bluetooth version of 2.1 configured in this speaker would enable you to control it from more than fifty feet. In addition to this, the 12” woofers and dual 3” tweeters enhance your music experience. The technical specifications further contribute to the rich quality sound from the device. The system can be connected to both 110 and 220-volt powers and the frequency range is 45 Hz to 20 kHz.

Pyle PSUFM1238BT Bluetooth PA Loudspeaker Karaoke


The Pyle PSUFM1238BT Bluetooth PA Loudspeaker Karaoke Entertainment System provides great sound quality with a host of features that would make your music experience memorable. The connectivity options are brilliant and thus provide a great deal of flexibility. The central console displays all the necessary information, thus making access easier. The wireless microphone is just the thing required in a karaoke party and a remote control is a great addition as you can play your favorite track while on the dance floor. It has a wide frequency response thus enabling you to enjoy every beat. Rolling wheels enable you to carry it in around your home, take it upstairs for a terrace party or take it to an auditorium. Connect your SD card or your USB cable and you are ready to burn the dance floor. This product seems to tick all the boxes at the price it is offered and the kind of options you would be getting at your disposal. This is a must for all your birthday parties and get-togethers and we can be sure that your gang would love this.

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