Nikon COOLPIX 26402B L820 16 MP CMOS Digital Camera Review


  • Take far away photos using 30x large angle to telephoto NIKKOR ED glass zoom lens
  • Top of the line CMOS picture detector enables you to capture with no flash
  • 1080 pixel videos with stereo audio for stunning motion pictures

The cams in the Comfort Long Zoom range offer strong zoom plus substantial picture standard. Made considering user comfort, using characteristics demonstrated to be favorites, each of these cams are fantastic for recording holidays and daily occasions.

Take exceptional images and also high definiton 1080 pixel videos from a range, even during reduced lighting, using the Nikon COOLPIX L820. Its outstanding 30x optic zoom NIKKOR glass lens offers equally ultra telephoto and large angle features – zoom in for extremely thorough nearby shots, or perhaps zoom out and get the entire picture inside your frame.

A 16.0- mp little light CMOS picture detector assists you to capture lifelike, sharp pictures in social gatherings, wedding ceremonies, shows etc . and it’s user friendly style includes a bigger hold and 3-inch flat screen to get optimum capturing convenience, swiftness and power. In all occasions, you’ll bring home incredible recollections effortlessly.

Coolpix 26402B cam lets you set the cam to Auto setting without having to give thought to anything other than choosing something to shoot a photo of. It is designed properly, rendering it simple to select from the diverse settings plus pre-specified functions to let you capture the greatest photos achievable, thus it fits the beginner and a little more advanced photographer.

The zoom is at 2 spots above close to the shutter launch in addition to the lens’ left side casing which is a fine feel. On the whole for how much this cam costs you really can’t expect more . 30x zoom, 16 mega-pixel, amazing little light functions, simple to capture, quick switch on and numerous other qualities.

This is not for the professional photographers though, obviously!If you are expecting the best of the best picture quality, like a pro would then you need to get something that costs 5-10 times more. Having said that, the beginner and intermediate photographers.. I would encourage you to purchase this cam if you’re searching a strong one with great features and if you don’t want to spend too much.

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