HD500 1080P Extreme Spy Pen Camera HD Video Recording Pen Review

HD500 1080P Extreme Spy Pen via Amazon

HD500 1080P Extreme Spy Pen Camera HD Video Recording Pen

HD500 Extreme Spy Pen is a high end superior quality law-enforcement-grade 1080P resolution Full HD camera video recording pen with a 16GB internal memory, that takes very clear videos in either 720p HD resolution at fast action 60 frames per second and 1080p FHD resolution at 30 frames per second. It is actually the first spy pen camera in the world to record smooth action at 60 fps speed so you won’t miss a single moment. It works on a  380mAH rechargeable lithium ion battery that has up to 80 minute battery life on a single charge and is offered with a standard 12 month warranty as a protection against any defects by the manufacturer along with decent customer support. In the box you will find the HD500 Extreme pen, an instruction manual, a USB cable for both extension and charging purposes and two ink refills.

HD500 Extreme Spy Pen weighs only 44 grams and measures 15mm x 155mm. It is very simple to operate by a single button at the top to start and stop recording and has a few settings to adjust the video and audio including the sound volume up and down, image sharpness, contrast, exposure, saturation, white balance, time and date stamp to monitor each recording (you can have as on or off) and more settings that you can easily customise to your liking on a Mac or Windows computer and you’ll find the instructions on the User Manual- it is a simple plug and play type of spy pen. There is no lights flashing when it is running which may attract attention of intruders but a hard to see indicator light that turns on when it starts recording then shuts off immediately (covert light setting). It has a great low Lux lens that can record at 1 Lux that makes it work run better than the norm in low light and you will see very little pixels if any so it will perform very well in any of the challenging dim or low light settings including outdoor concerts and late night sporting events. You can also take great still photos with an 2048×1536 resolution in JPEG.

HD500 1080P Extreme Spy Pen Camera HD Video Recording Pen, 16GB

Image quality is claimed to be the best out there, which happens to be the main reason it is called the extreme pen and it is considered to be equal to good quality action cameras on the market and at a fraction of the size in a single functional pen. USB drive is located just in the middle and you will see it when you twist the pen out and then you can plug it into your Mac or PC to view the recording or transfer it. You can record images from any strategic point including your car dash or pocket of your shirt so you can just focus on what’s happening rather than being distracted by whether the camera is doing its job and you can take photos or HD videos at parties or events without anyone being forced to pose. It doesn’t do audio only and there is no video/audio mode to select, 16GB is fine but more memory could be better for many customers. It works very well, image and sound quality are great, is easy to run, comes with options for optimal performance in different settings, ink can be refilled, has a durable build quality and is offered with great customer service. A couple of customers criticised the LED light for being hardly noticeable and commented that different colour lights would have been nice for standby and normal recording modes but they seem to ignore the fact that this is a spy pen and the light is clearly supposed to be ‘hard to make out’. HD500 Extreme is not a cheap spy pen but we do think that it is very much worth the price tag.

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