Grand Videoke TKR371MP HD Sound and Video Karaoke System Review

Grand Videoke TKR371MP Karaoke System via Amazon

Grand Videoke TKR371MP Karaoke

Grand Videoke TKR371MP from Wow Videoke is a unique Karaoke system with the largest repertoire of 5157 built-in songs of all kinds, HD audio quality and video in 720p that allows you to sing with re-engineered vocals in the background and 414 live orchestra instruments- not just on your own, making it an awesome system device to use in parties and friends and family gatherings.

Grand Videoke comes with a 16GB of memory for 6 hours of high definition video of clear and sharp image quality, 5157 songs and recording time up to 500 minutes. You can play your music, videos and recorded songs from the USB or SD Card Reader and can play the CDG Karaoke files that are in AVI format as if they are video files so you won’t see any scores. Song selection is pretty good and you’re bound to find something for your taste out of those 5000+ songs, some of which are the latest hits. Microphones are professional grade and not those cheaply made ones and with the auto-tuning function your voice will sound way better than it actually is.

Grand Videoke TKR371MP

Advanced Midi and Chorus lets you experience the real sound and real orchestra instruments, live recorded songs that make you feel like you’re singing to the original and live music and 414 instruments and vocals with 24-bit depth and stereo reverb for sharp and clear, detailed and realistic songs and sound re-mastered and re-engineered to be close to the original.

Sound quality is quite spectacular as it is and you can also run it through another perhaps more advanced system to experience even better sound. With the Auto Multiplex, you have the full-length guide vocals that you may turn on and off when you need to practice before singing live to the audience. You can customise the whole experience- songs and voice just like a professional with the Music and Microphone Equalizer. So it does feel like an actual vocal coach too. You have the pro wireless technology that offers a louder and clearer voice pick up for easy and beautiful singing experience.

Grand Karaoke TKR371MP is not a low cost Karaoke system and you do get what you pay for, as it is nice to look at, is top of the range and has a premium feel being made of quality components, comes with a great song collection and loud speakers, is easy to use even for kids and you’re going to enjoy singing to live instruments and vocals and heaps more. One of the customers reported an audio delay problem that exists on other major brand Karaoke systems too as the output is analog and when it is transferred to digital via your home theatre system or television, you’ll experience a minor delay and this is an issue that should hopefully be addressed by the manufacturer or you will need to use an amplifier or receiver with the digital conversion option switched off. Otherwise this is a great Karaoke system that really is way better than competition in terms of quality of build, premium feel, professional grade features and beautiful sound.

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