Karaoke USA GF829 Karaoke System with 7-Inch TFT Color Screen and Record Function Review

Karaoke USA Karaoke System GF829 via Amazon

karaoke usa gf829 karaoke system

Sleek and modern design Karaoke USA GF829 is an All-in-One home entertainment style MP3 karaoke system that can support DVDs, CDs and MP3Gs can play CDG, MP3G, DVD Karaoke and will let you watch a DVD movie on its 7 inch colour TFT display, comes with integrated speakers and amplifier, 300 MP3G songs saved on two discs, cradle to put your MP3 player on for recharging batteries and allowing you to view the display in a vertical position.

Karaoke GF829 is an intuitive machine that is very simple to set-up and use with its simple interface, which means you can start singing almost immediately. It is a stand-alone machine with a 7 inch display that is easy to view or read the lyrics from, with sound adjustments on top and playback controls at the front. It comes with all sorts of buttons, connections and will work with any inputs from gaming consoles and players, has the outputs to connect to your home theatre system and to your large screen HDTV to get the best sound. This is the kind of karaoke machine that has all the fun features you can think of in a compact package.

You have 300 tracks in MP3G format but as most people would want to have more and in different formats, this will save and play plenty of other formats- all the major karaoke formats. It will accept MP3 players and gaming consoles with auxiliary inputs as well as iPods on the cradle and amplify the music. You can stream straight from the USB port or with the SD card and dual microphones with 8 feet long cords each with their own controls- volume, pitch and tone, you can record your karaoke and do duets or group play. You can easily transfer the lyrics on the 7 inch screen to your large screen TV by using the AV port so that everyone in the room can easily see the lyrics.

Karaoke USA can play just the voice without music in the background. Or you can use it as a regular DVD player or a traditional entertainment point. It is very portable as it comes with built-in microphones, speakers and screen so it doesn’t have to be connected to external speakers or screen to operate, it has the dimensions of 13.5 x 17.5 x 9.8 inches and is not really heavy with 8 pound weight so you can take it around to barbeques, parties and trips. It comes with a remote control, iPod cable, RCA cables, headphone jack and USB/SD card slot. You have the standard voice controls, balance control as well as a unique adjustable digital echo reproduction feature.

karaoke usa gf829 karaoke system

Versatile , packed with useful features, has many control settings and buttons, expansion options, a robust build with a metal frame and plastic with wooden interiors.. Going through different customer reviews, it may not give you that super durable feel but it does seem to be very durable judging by how it survived different dropping incidents reported by customers. It comes with a 90 day warranty that doesn’t cover accidents but this is a sturdy device for sure. And you can choose to get 2 year warranty cheaply with your purchase. The speakers may give a slight buzzing noise or humming when you’re not singing and when you have two microphones connected but this can easily be diminished by playing with the speaker output or the mic buttons. The sound quality is nice and loud enough- not too loud but more than enough to use in any house or in an area full of people.

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