Funai Corp. DV220FX5 Dual Deck DVD and VHS Player Review

Funai DV220FX5 DVD and VHS Player via Amazon

Funai Corp. DV220FX5 Dual Deck DVD and VHS Player

Funai Corp. DV220FX5 is a good value, easy to operate and reliable combo dual deck VHS and DVD player in one if you have a good collection of those old VHS tapes and DVDs, with 4 Head VCR, Line-in recording via cable and satellite box, Dolby Digital Stream Out, slow motion, still frame, On Screen Display in three languages (English, Spanish and French), parental lock and no tuner. It comes with a remote control, AV cable, two AA batteries, owner’s manual and quick start guide.

Black Funai DV220FX5 weighs 5.6 pounds and measures 17.2 x 9.2 x 3.8 inches- looks very similar to the previous Magnavox brand player it replaced. As a user-friendly unit it is easy to set up and use and works as you’d expect it to with great video and audio quality (the content on your tapes and DVDs will look and sound great) but doesn’t come with any of the extra bells and whistles- is a basic VCR and DVD player and recorder (it records on VHS tapes but not DVD discs and while recording a channel you can’t watch another one simultaneously). It will power on automatically when you insert a tape in and has the auto play, auto rewind and auto eject functions with VHS tape. Connectivity options include the Audio In and Video In at the front, Video In, Video Out, S-Video Out, Component Video Out, Digital Coaxial Out and Analog Audio Left/Right Out. Power consumption is 16 watts with 120V and 60Hz power supply and just 2.8W on standby mode.

Funai Corp. DV220FX5 Dual Deck DVD and VHS Player RemoteIf you need any help with setting the Funai Player up, you may simply refer to the box before the user guide as one of the customers pointed that out to be easier to understand. There is no tuner on the unit but your satellite TV can act like one if you have it. For those that are not familiar with the Funai brand, it is an Osaka based Japanese consumer electronics firm that is listed on the Tokyo Securities Exchange First Section with over five decades of history, creating and manufacturing a great variety of products including DVD and Blu-ray players, home and office printers and accessories, digital cameras and HDTV’s with distributors in Asia, Europe and Americas and is an OEM- original equipment manufacturer and supplier to electronics, appliances, computer peripheral and printer companies. Funai Corporation is a North American sales and marketing company with offices in New Jersey and California acting as the distributor of Japanese Funai Electric Co., Ltd. since 1991.

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