BenQ HT-Series HT1085ST Home Theater Projector Review

BenQ HT1085ST Home Theater Projector via Amazon

benq ht series ht1085st projector

BenQ HT-Series HT1085ST is a new 3D Ready with 1080p clarity home theater projector with 2200 lumens and 10000:1 by BenQ, which is the manufacturer of number one home theater projector in US and Canada and a world leader in visual display solutions. With BenQ HT, you will get rich detail and vivid natural colours whatever it is you’re watching- your favorite TV shows, videos, movies or football games.

BenQ HT supports a wireless option for convenient set-up and easy access to your favorite Cloud content, greatly enhancing your viewing experience. The HT1085ST model, like the other BenQ projectors, is colorific- offering crisp- clear detail, sharp blacks and whites, realistic and long-lasting color with no fading over time. BenQ projectors were the most popular home theater projectors in US and Canada for good reasons, main reason being the realistic and natural colours- razor sharp imaging with the 2200 ANSI lumens and 10k:1 contrast ratio. Flexible zoom feature gives you the extra installation freedom.

BenQ HT1085ST weighs 6.3 pounds and has the dimensions of 12.2 x 9.6 x 4.1 inches so it is a fairly compact and lightweight unit and looks quite nice and modern. You can use it in any media room, family room or home theater easily and experience picture twice the size of a big screen TV. It can be put on a coffee table in the middle of your living room to watch anything on a spare wall or can be mounted near a screen and it will fill a 100 inch screen from even less than 5 feet away with the unique industry leader short-throw lens technology, giving you placement and installation flexibility- so no space limitations or shadow disruptions. So your living area becomes an entertainment center for videos, movies and console gaming easily. And you will also have enough space for your motion sensing video games.

The integrated 10 watt chamber speakers will deliver rich and immersive audio that fills a room right from the projector. This is ideal for situations where dedicated sound systems are not practical such as when you use it as a game room or bedroom. You have an equalizier setting and 4 preset sound modes for the best possible audio. BenQ Projector is quite easy to set-up as it comes with vertical lens shift that lets you perfectly adjust the image exactly in the center of the screen and if you need to move the projector off to the side of the screen, its new vertical and horizontal 2D keystone adjusts the image if you’re having a hard time clearing up space on your table to deliver a great looking picture with the single press of a button. So this will correct the trapezoid effect with the projector put off center, so you can comfortably put the projector on a side table or an unused corner.

benq ht1085st home theater projector

It works quietly and is very easy to connect too. For 3D movies and games, you can connect it to any compatible Blu-Ray Player, CableBox or video game either through a HDMI 1.4 cable (it has dual HDMI) or the new optional wireless connection kit that can transmit superior Full HD 1080p resolution 3D picture from as much as 100 feet away even through the walls. This is ideal for moving the projector around the house or even outside without remodeling or wiring problems. You can also connect your projector directly to your Cloud content with any MHL- Mobile High Definition Link ready device, so just Roku, Chromecast or Apple TV to view great shows through HULU or NetFlix, right on your wall or your screen.

BenQ HT series is quite an economical unit that saves you money by reducing your total cost of running it. It comes with the SmartEco lamp technology offering an incredible lamp life of up to 6000 hours- up to 3 times higher than older projectors that were sold only a couple of years ago. You can save up to 70% of lamp power consumption The filter-free design is built around the Texas Instrument’s sealed DarkChip3 DLP Technology eliminating the need to clean or change messy filters. The unique lamp door design lets you change a lamp down the road without having to take it down from the projector mount. It also has a special sleep power mode reducing the power consumption to under a half watt when plugged in but not in use.

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