Denon AVR-X4100W 7.2 Network A/V Receiver Review

Denon AVR-X4100W 7.2 Network A/V Receiver via Amazon

denon avr-x4100w 7.2 network av receiver

Denon AVR-X4100W is a really cool and powerful, an excellent A/V receiver by the innovative Denon that provides a complete home entertainment experience with every possible desirable feature and surround sound coming through you, your soul and body with the latest decoding technology Dolby Atmos with very high resolution sound decoders like DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD. It comes with a power amplifier with 200 watts of power per channel to offer you an amazing cinema audio and detailed music playback and great connectivity.

You may be in for a real surprise with everything this Denon receiver can do and whatever device you may be upgrading from or thinking about purchasing a receiver for the first time, it offers truely amazing value even though it is not a cheap unit- it will not be for you if you are shopping for a low cost unit, but we have no doubt that it is worth every cent spent on it, in terms of quality of build and components and amazing features.. And Dolby Atmos being the most significant giving you proper three dimensional sound from all dimensions- Audyssey calibrated 9 channel Dolby Atmos layout.. The unrivalled now unwired..

denon avr-x4100w av receiver

Denon AVR-X4100W offers serious AVR power with wireless functionality and lets you get into a new world of sound, transporting you from an ordinary moment to an extraordinary experience with super multidimensional sound that fills your room all around you, above you and through you to move your soul, body and mind. The AVR-X4100W with 7.2 channel surround sound capability with 9.2 processing including advanced configuration options, for example it can deliver a separate A/V source to a second room in your house and optionally even a third signal to a third source. You can easily control the Denon AVR with the Denon Remote app which is available in iOS and Android options, also for Kindle Fire.

It lets you play your audio from any Bluetooth device it has also been specifically designed to connect with your home wireless network allowing you to listen to thousands of internet radio stations as well as subscription services such as Spotify through the latest Spotify Connect Scheme, SeriousXM and Pandora. You can connect to your computer via DLNA or AirPlay and make use of its Windows 8 compatibility. With quick select you may choose your favorite sources via a single button and specific sound settings will be recalled. Denon AVR works very quickly and super easy to set-up to make it up and running even for beginners, the exclusive set-up assistant makes it a breeze.

Dolby Atmos can be expanded by the 5.1.4 (regular 5.1 speaker plus a 4 overhead) or 7.1.2 (7.1 speaker with 2 overhead) configurations. Apart from the 8 HDMI inputs and 3 HDMI outputs, integrated wireless to conenct to home network easily, Bluetooth to connect to other Bluetooth enabled devices wirelessly with just a simple touch of a button. It is capable of connecting to so many different sources of music and playback options. And it is super economical as everything is achieved with very low power consumption thanks to the advanced eco mode. Connectivity options include 8 HDMI inputs and 3 HDMI outputs that support ultra HD super clear 4K displays- 4K passthrough for the best 4K upscaling and 60Hz content and also room calibration with the Audyssey MultEQ XT.

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