AomeTech UC40 Pro Mini Portable LCD LED Home Theater Cinema Projector Review

AomeTech UC40 Pro Mini Portable Projector via Amazon

AomeTech UC40 Pro Mini Portable LCD LED Home Theater Cinema Projector

AomeTech UC40 Pro is a brand new, budget priced and compact manual operation LCD LED multimedia projector as home theatre or business use with 800 x 480 pixel RGB native resolution and supports up to Full HD 1080p resolution, image aspect ratios of 16:9 and 4:3, 800 lumens brightness, 800:1 contrast ratio, F=125 lens, projection size of 34 to 130 inches and projection distance of 3.51 to 12.48 feet.

Black AomeTech UC40 weighs only about 2.20 pounds (shipping weight of 3 lbs) and measures 0.66 x 0.50 x 0.22 feet- quite compact and portables. It has the multifunction inputs of USB, HDMI, SD, IP and IR so you can conveniently hook up your smart phone or laptop and play multimedia with sound. It is rather economical with a maximum power consumption of 55 watts (power supply of 100-240V 50/60Hz) and an LED lamp that goes for more than 20000 hours and offers vibrant colours and fine details for the price. In the box you will find the UC40 projector, a 3 in 1 AV cable, a user manual, a remote control and the power adaptor. 23 languages are supported and has a key with multiple functions and picture size is changed easily with the digital zoom function.

AomeTech UC40 Pro Mini Portable LCD LED ProjectorBeing a low cost unit image quality is not as sharp as some of those expensive units that cost at least several hundred dollars and more, for example when you offer business presentations from your PC or play high definition movies as the resolution would just not be adequate but still for the price it is definitely better than competitors- brighter, clearer and better quality picture so it would be suitable for lower resolution stuff in more casual use in a darker room as it just won’t work well outdoors or very bright areas. You can zoom in and out, fast forward, adjust aspect ratio and colour balance. Sound is also adjustable, quality is satisfactory through its built-in speakers but you will obviously get better audio performance with larger external speakers. Judging by different customer reviews it seems to be worth the money it costs- great value for money. The customers that criticise the image quality in terms of brightness and visibility of pixels etc. are ignoring the fact that this projector costs very little in comparison and delivers more than it costs.

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