AIGEREK ARK-200BE Digital Healthy Airfryer Review

AIGEREK ARK-200BE Digital Healthy Airfryer

AIGEREK ARK-200BE Digital Healthy Airfryer

Black Aigerek ARK-200BE is a modern electric air fryer with a smart digital control panel and a large 3.2-liter capacity. This powerful cooker is designed and created for helping you make tasty and healthy, oil-free fried foods with as much as 80 percent less fat and in much less time.

It has a red backlit small LCD display and separate + and – touch buttons for temperature (Fahrenheit) and time, and Start/Pause. You can choose to use the automatic built-in or manual settings to set the time and temperature settings to your liking. You have the six integrated smart programs for shrimp, chips, fish, steak, meat, and chicken.

The temperature and time settings for French fries (360 degrees Fahrenheit for 12-15 mins), purple potato (400 degrees, 25-30 mins), shrimp (360 degrees, 10-15 mins), chicken wings (400 degrees, 12-18 mins), meat string (400 degrees, 10-15 mins) and ribs (400 degrees, 10-15 mins). The air fried foods that come out of this unit will have pretty much the same taste and texture, with only about eighty percent less fat.

AIGEREK ARK-200BE Digital Airfryer

Aigerek Air Fryer cooks very quickly and evenly with the 360-degree hot wind moving through your ingredients at high speed (eddying flow technology). It is very easy to operate and includes a detachable drawer that you put your frying basket in and the residues will be collected at the bottom, which makes it rather easy to transfer the cooked foods and to clean the unit.

Black Aigerek ARK-200BE weighs 13.6 pounds and measures 15.4 x 14.4 x 14.2 inches, so it is not as small as it seems in the Amazon product photos. The 3.2-liter capacity is enough for cooking for a few people- just yourself, your guests, family or friends. You can store it away once you’re done with air frying but given that you would probably want to use it frequently- every day you may want to put it in a fixed spot on your bench.

You do not need to use any oil to make delicious French fries but adding or spraying a little will make them crunchier. It is not just the savory dishes- mains or entrees with this great air fryer either, you can also make desserts, easily and quickly. You will realize that there will be absolutely no reason to keep using your deep fryer after trying this air fryer out. In the package, you will get the air fryer, the frying pot, the frying basket with handle, the instructions, and operations manual, a power cord.

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