Crawford Kitchen Commercial 1000W Food Dehydrator, DHTCKKST2

Crawford Kitchen 1000W Food Dehydrator, DHTCKKST2

Crawford Kitchen Dehydrator 1000W

Crawford Kitchen Pro (DHTCKKST2) is a commercial grade food dehydrator with a decent build quality and 1000 watt motor offering high-level efficiency, for both home and professional kitchen use.

It is currently one of the best-selling food dehydrators on actually the improved version of the 650 watt Crawford DHTCKKSTY model we reviewed earlier. This new model also has a stainless steel body that is easy to wipe clean and offers almost twice the drying power. The 1000 watt motor will ensure better faster cycles and better-dehydrated foods.

It is ideal for dehydrating raw foods- fruits including berries, veggies, nuts, different meats and making beef jerky. On the black display panel, you have the Power button, LED-backlit Timer display with up and down arrows and Temperature Up and Down with a Dehydrating Guide for different items. The Guide shows the temperatures between 95 and 155 degrees Fahrenheit in 10-degree increments (also in Celcius) and you will find the optimal temperatures for jerky, meat & fish, fruits, vegetables and herbs in both Fahrenheit and Celcius.

The timer on the display panel will control the dehydration cycle for as much as 15 hours. You will experience very accurate timing and heating, so you have the same great results consistently. So you will not have to worry about doing it right every single time. It comes with a total of ten metal grid trays, five each of small and large sizes for you to work with smaller and larger items. And if you will be drying very small items like seeds, nuts and very small fruits you may use the 5 feet fine food support mesh provided in the box.

Crawford Kitchen Dehydrator 1000W DHTCKKST2

Crawford Kitchen DHTCKKST2 Dehydrator weighs 29 pounds, measures 20 x 17.5 x 15 inches, so it is quite large and heavy and it will need a permanent place on your bench or wherever you want to put it. And you have a large drying space of 16 square feet for your 10 trays with the dimensions of 16 x 14 inches. We can say it is completely stainless steel (including the metal grid trays), except for the lifting handles.

As an 110 – 120V electrical unit it is suitable for use in North America- Canada and the United States, with the regular type 2 or 3 prong sockets. You do not want any plastic in or on your cooking unit even when they are BPA-free and even the grid trays are all metal in this dehydrator, which is a healthy choice by the company. You can dehydrate different kinds of foods on different trays at the same time without having to rotate in the middle

For the quality and functionality of such a commercial level all-metal unit, the price is low and does the job well. But the unit can heat up your kitchen quite a bit as there is not much of an insulation with a thin outer frame. The fan is a little noisy and the large size may be a problem for those with limited space. This is a very decent commercial grade food dehydrator and is offered with a year of warranty as a nice backup of its build quality and materials. It is usually shipped very quickly via

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