Zetronix zPen 1080p 32GB FBI Grade Spy DVR Video Pen Review

Zetronix zPen-1080P(32) Spy Pen via Amazon

Zetronix 32gb 1080p FBI Grade Spy DVR Video Pen with High Speed Video

The Zetronix zPen is a very good quality and reliable single button operation spy pen- a secret recording unit with 1080p Full HD resolution video and sound that can take still photos and record high speed videos up to 60 frames per second without any LED lights blinking. The zPen reviewed on this page comes with 32GB built-in storage space but 8GB and 16GB models are also available and you can easily upload the recordings onto your computer, Mac or PC. It is suitable to be used by the government agencies, police departments, private investigators, fishermen, students to record lectures, employers in interviews, secret shoppers for delivery proof, work harassment proof and professionals for any evidence gathering work as it is probably the most reliable spy pens with the best quality video out there on the market today. zPen weighs .88 ounces and measures 5.9 x .59 inches.

There is no blinking or flashing lights during its operation but be aware that it will blink three times (to let you know that it is working) when you start recording super clear and sharp video in 1080p quality- when you press the single button on the top for just two seconds and you don’t have to worry about accidentally hitting another button. 60 frames per second of high speed means it will work nicely in fast pace movement- you get 60FPS at 1280×720 resolution and 30FPS at 1920×1080. Laser cut glass or laser etched lens along with the CMOS high definition video sensor- Sony image sensors will ensure capturing of finest details and you can take very clear still photos with it with the touch of a button to print or view on your screen. It is an interesting technology that reduces the resolution and quality of the image so that it fits into a small file on the super small pinhole camera device and loads quickly on your computer but when you play the video you will experience FHD 1080p resolution clear images with fine details and vibrant colours, then you can go ahead and use it for whatever you recorded it or post it on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or other social media.

Zetronix zPen 1080p 32GB FBI Grade Spy DVR Video PenYou can save up to 8 hours of 1080p FHD video and 40 hours of audio (it also has an integrated microphone to record audio) on Zetronix zPen‘s 32GB of memory, 4 hours on the 16GB and 2 hours on the 8GB models. If you will use the recorded video as evidence or for investigation purposes it has this handy date and time stamp feature which stamps the date and time in the corner of the image  or you can choose to turn it off. It comes with a USB cable and AC charger which you can use to recharge the pen’s great quality 380 mAh lithium ion battery that will last for up to an hour or high definition video and sound recording and that can be used for a total of 10,000 cycles. zPen is compatible with all versions of Mac OS X and Windows 98, ME, XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1 operating systems and we’d assume it should be fine with the latest Windows 10 to be released later in 2015 so what you do is hook up the pen to your computer with the USB cable provided (USB 2.0) and go through the recorded files. You must be at least 18 years old to be able to purchase the product that also comes with a full year of replacement warranty that is valid only for Zetronix consumers and great lifetime customer support via online chat, email or telephone. It is not a low cost product but considering how important your investigation or evidence collecting is, you simply would not want to use a cheap product with lower grade components, constantly flashing lights or much longer boot-up times that come with these units.

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