Xbox One Console – Day One Edition Review


Xbox One Console – Day One Edition via Amazon 

Xbox One Console – Day One Edition is a brilliant next generation gaming and entertainment console with its superb motion, graphics and audio quality. It is remade with a console of an 8GB RAM, a powerful and fast CPU and GPU to be more intuitive and responsive than the previous Xbox.

There is no converter in the package but you get the Kinect sensor for Xbox one included as well as a commemorative wireless controller, a premium packaging, a Chat Headset, an HDMI cable and a token code to unlock an exclusive Day One achievement. It easily integrates with you other devices thanks to its new unique features.

It is very easy to setup, you can have a complete entertainment machine ready in less than an hour. It will lead you through the whole process. You plug it in, plug in the Kinect and connect it to TV. The first start-up will take a few minutes so just be patient. Once everything is ready, you’ll get to dashboard in around ten seconds each time. So it is very fast!

Navigation is very easy and smooth with the comfortable controller and you can switch between applications very quickly. You won’t experience any lags, delays or freezing. It has an ergonomic and user-friendly design- controller sits on your hands well and you have direct access to the buttons. D-pad on the controller is cool.

You can actually interact with it in different ways, like Xbox One SmartGlass device, a remote control, voice commands and gestures and a controller. For example, if you say ‘Xbox Off’ it will put Xbox one into standby mode and ‘Xbox On’ will turn it on immediately.
Xbox One Console - Day One Edition review2

It has a great ‘Face Recognition’ function and will recognize you or another person in the room instantly, so you can just log in to the system by moving in front of the console. ‘Xbox show my stuff’ will bring everyone’s own dashboard.

Xbox Day One edition offers an advanced motion and voice control and you can play Xbox games both online and offline (disc based Xbox games). You can watch live TV, sports and movies, listen to music, chat on Skype and play the latest games on it. Picture quality is amazing and everything looks very real. You can view TV and games side by side on TV or move from one to the other easily.

Conclusion: There is not a lot more to be said about the Xbox One Console – Day One Edition. It doesn’t have the support for 3D Bluray music or video playback via USB but the positives well outweigh the small negatives. Microsoft did a great job in improving on the previous consoles and I believe it will only get better by updates on softwares over time. Framework and hardware are already great- This is a well made, solid and durable piece of hardware. Very highly recommended!

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