VIZIO E390i-B0 39-Inch 1080p 120Hz Smart LED HDTV Review

39-inch Vizio E390I-B0 Smart LED HDTV via Amazon

vizio e390i-b0 39-inch 1080p LED tv

As promoted as the greatest inexpensive LED Smart television, folks aiming to switch to the full high definition Smart television market not having to go broke will see the Vizio E390i-B0 as a solid competitor. What’s nice about it is it has awesome function set, great image quality, fairly sleek style, outstanding Smart TV console and it is very reasonably priced.

Presenting the brand new 2014 Vizio E-Series 39 inch TV.. Total range LED Smart television with the super thin 10mm body, sharp and distinct LED-lit image, along with a quicker, more convenient platform to take advantage of Smart television experience. Using integrated wireless, like the other Vizio E-Series TVs, it will link you to the most recent popular films, television series, and also songs from high grade applications such as Netflix, Youtube, Pandora, Amazon Instant Video and others.

And not just is it smart, the E390i is loaded with the most current technologies -like Full Range LED to get exceptional brightness regularity, and Working LED Zones x6 to receive greater dark ranges using a superior 2 mil to 1 contrast ratio. High definition 120Hz effective renew speed and 1080 pixels render them ideal for games and fast motion views.

Smart Dimming function may decrease image quality.. For instance, when you watch a film in a dim lighted area without the Smart Dimming on, dark color levels may not be as dark as you’d wish, with the sides of the big screen picture shining a little bit. Using the Smart Dimming, on the other hand, you’ll see impressive enhancement in dark vizio e390i b0 39 inch HDTVlevels. Sadly, you may also see that the picture in general is influenced, appearing not as vivid as before using a lesser amount of shadow depth. You’ll be fine with a bit of lighting correction. But this problem is nothing major and Vizio E390i does offer great picture quality overall.

Vizio E390i’s audio is first rate, and it won’t need any modifications. Its mid-end and treble are fresh and distinct, quickly filling the area, while the its bass sound reaction is a little weak.

Probably the nicest thing about the E390i is its Smart television platform. After spending a bit of time with it, you’re gonna love its practical user interface, as you can start applications just in seconds and navigation of the menu is easy and seamless.

You will not get a better image quality than this on any other inexpensive televisions. Although not the greatest (obviously there are TVs that cost thousands of dollars and they have better image), Vizio E39i beats just about all televisions in its class and also a few other higher priced LED TVs.

Its LED backlighting does very well in supporting sharp, incredible pictures with colors typically nicely shown, with specifically rich reds and blues, despite the most vivid white colors were beaten up occasionally- which we don’t think is a biggie.

Except for some small eccentricities, Vizio 390i provides genuine appeal and value, with its strong image quality, functional on-board sound and amazing Smart TV platform render it an overall great television to have in your house.

The most important thing here is that for those that are worried as much about price as with overall performance, it’s difficult to beat the Vizio E39i-B0 and other E series TVs for that matter. This capable performer is an almost outstanding option as compared to LED TVs at its level.

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