SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A9+ 10.9” 64GB Android Tablet with Snapdragon 695 Review

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A9+ 10.9” 64GB Android Tablet with Snapdragon 695

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A9+ 10.9” 64GB Android Tablet Snapdragon 695

With an 11-inch screen and an array of features tailored to meet a wide range of user needs, the SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A9+ 10.9″ has become a competitive, cost-effective option in the competitive Android tablet market. In this product review, we’ll take a look at the tablet’s key features, user feedback, and its position in the market.

Big Screen & Quad Speakers:

The large 11-inch display, which has a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1200 (WUXGA), is the main attraction of the Galaxy Tab A9+. With a refresh rate of up to 90 Hz, the big screen size guarantees an eye-catching experience for a variety of activities, including gaming and viewing films. Customers have praised the tablet for working well with streaming services like YouTube and Netflix and emphasized how wonderful having a big, bright display is.

Dolby Atmos-enabled quad speakers on the tablet is one remarkable feature. Customers have given the audio quality high marks, highlighting its richness and clarity as well as how it improves the overall enjoyment. With its cinema-like acoustic immersion, the Galaxy Tab A9+ promises to please a wide range of users, be it with music, videos, or gaming.


The Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 processor, which combines efficiency and power in just the right amounts, powers the tablet. Users can browse through apps, watch videos, and multitask without experiencing any lag thanks to the updated processor, which guarantees smooth performance. Customers who upgraded from previous versions, including the Galaxy A8, have emphasized the significant enhancements in speed and general functionality.

64GB of storage is one of the options, offering lots of room for media, documents, and programs. Furthermore, the tablet is compatible with microSD cards up to 128GB, meeting the needs of those who need more capacity. One feature that Samsung highlights is the ability to open numerous apps at once. This capability increases productivity by enabling users to transition between tasks with ease.

Family-Friendly Features and Portability:

With the Galaxy Tab A9+, Samsung has put a lot of effort into making a device that is suitable for families. Children can learn and play in a fun and safe environment thanks to the Samsung Kids app. The abundance of colorful and entertaining content is appreciated by parents, who can keep their childrenSAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A9+ 10.9” 64GB Android Tablet occupied in a safe and secure digital environment.

Because of its durable, lightweight, and small design, the tablet is a useful travel companion for users. Customers who value how easy it is to carry the device have emphasized its portability, highlighting how well-suited it is for daily use and travel.

File Sharing and Connectivity:

Positive feedback has been received for Quick Share, a feature that makes sharing files across devices simple. Users may choose things from their smartphone—a picture or a video clip, for example—and move them to another device with ease, no matter if it runs iOS or Android. This feature increases the tablet’s adaptability by enabling smooth device-to-device cooperation within the user’s ecosystem.

Customer Feedback:

It is essential to understand the user experience, and feedback on the Galaxy Tab A9+ has been both good and constructive. The tablet’s affordability has been praised by several buyers, who view it as a competitive option for those under $250. They think that both the 64GB and 128GB versions offer excellent value for the money. The integration of Samsung Dex, which offers a recognizable interface, is highlighted by users who value a laptop or PC-like experience.

But a couple of users have discovered a software glitch that interferes with multi-point touch, especially while pinch zooming or in specific game situations. Though some users find workarounds, including using a soft touch, the glitchiness in these cases has been reported. Furthermore, there are questions about why Samsung chose an environmentally friendly charger instead of including one in the package.


To sum up, the SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A9+ 10.9″ is a great affordable tablet that has a sizable and vivid display, remarkable audio quality, and functionalities that are suitable for a family. It is positioned as an important rival in the market thanks to its performance and reasonable price. Although the lack of a charger and software bugs should be taken into account, the majority of good reviews highlight the tablet’s affordability.

The Samsung Tab A9+ is a very attractive option for those looking for an all-around Android tablet that strikes a balance between productivity and entertainment without going over budget. The Galaxy Tab A9+ is still a great tablet option because of Samsung’s dedication to providing feature-rich tablets at affordable rates, even as technology advances.

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