PicoBrew Pico Craft Automatic Home Brewer Review

Pico – Craft Beer Brewing Appliance

Pico - Craft Beer Brewing Appliance

Pico Brew is the brand new, functional and durable stainless steel automatic beer brewer that reminds us of SodaStream for soda making and Keurig for coffee and even cocktail making and gives you the opportunity to brew good quality beer with great taste consistently by touching a single button in the comfort of your home. As a very innovative beer brewing appliance it is very easy to use so even those that have zero experience in beer brewing can use this appliance to make five liters of beer in just about a couple of hours.

You can have beer from a wide variety of craft breweries (more than a hundred major breweries) around the globe including Abita and Rogue by giving you a selection of many different ready-to-brew PicoPacks of craft beer styles with the nicest quality ingredients- grains and hops so you don’t need to purchase or measure anything. One of the best features is the ability to adjust the alcohol level and bitterness of your beer through the black dial for a totally customizable brew to your liking and with different temp readouts and parameters on the monochrome LCD panel. Temps are regulated by a heat exchanger that ensures great precision heating and the reason this is so important in these appliances is even slight changes in temperature can affect the quality of fermentation. PicoPack is biodegradable and compostable so cleaning it is very easy.

Pico - Craft Beer Brewer

When you put the PicoPak the unit’s interactive smart technology will recognize it wirelessly (this is a WiFi-compatible product) and adjust the settings automatically. It comes with all the necessary accessories to help you ferment, carbonate, brew, and serve fresh beer in a matter of 2-3 days and turns the challenging task of beer brewing into a very easy one. It weighs 35 pounds so we can’t say it is very portable but has a small footprint and will need a fixed spot in your kitchen or basement and looks good in stainless steel and with a solid plastic frame.

It looks a bit like a modern countertop oven with a large PicoPack slot in the middle and there won’t be any clutter or the mess of any of the other brewing appliances. The reviews from both customers and craft breweries around the globe are quite positive. You may be familiar with the 2013 model PicoBrew Zymatic that costs many times more but we think this new PicoBrew is quite a functional unit that does the job and is suitable for both beginners and advanced brewers. Five-liter size is small enough to help you experiment and test out different recipes and ideas so experts can prepare different types of beers in small amounts and then get to work for larger amounts from those you’re like most and the beginners or casual customers can use it to have a good supply for your home and parties. There is even a social network of brewers on the BrewMarketplace like a forum to exchange ideas, recipes, and feedback.

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