Nest Cam NC1102ES Review

Nest Cam NC1102ES by Google via Amazon

nest cam nc1102es

Nest Cam NC1102ES is the new very simple plug and play type security/surveillance camera by Google after Google bought Nest- the company that made the Dropcams and it actually does look a lot like Dropcam Pro but with twice the resolution- Full HD clear and crisp picture, 30 frames per second, wide angle 130 degree field of view and other extra features (Dropcam name is dropped and replaced with Nest Cam). Google seems to be trying to be a success in smart home gadgets market too (company’s plans and ambitions to create or bring back Android Home), with this brand new camera.

Black Nest Cam is very easy to set up, in just under a minute to your home WiFi network and view your home- pets, kids and intruders in both day light and dark with the eight integrated infrared LEDs and enhanced algorithms when the lights go off or for sensing motion and even talk, archive with Nest Aware for a monthly fee of 10 dollars (half that amount for additional cameras) and go back in time and save the images you want. It has the 1080p resolution and the redesigned integrated tripod mount with both functionality and form which is a more advanced version of Drop Cam with 720p resolution but slimmer with more curves and sturdier feeling with zinc alloy and magnetic base so you can stick it on your fridge or other magnetic devices or metal stuff and you can also mount it on a wall (you can bend it at an angle or twist around). It works on the consolidated all in one universal Nest app for the Nest Cam, thermostat and Nest Protect.

About the storage, you have the CDR- Cloud Video Reporting (saves up to 30 days of footage via Nest Aware that filters the times when there is sound or motion so you don’t have to go through hours of footage to find what you’re looking for) and storage options for 10 days, 30 days and the annual packages (whole year currently at 300 dollars, 30 days for 30 and 10 days for 10 bucks) as the Nest Cam also uses a cloud DVR for storage purposes and currently there is no other way of storing your videos or you can just stream them without saving. Nest app is free of charge and works on both Android and Apple operating system devices (Android 4 or later and iOS 8 and later) and you can easily use the previous Dropcams and Nest Cams in different parts of your house, they will all appear on the new Nest app and you will get smartphone notifications from it when the cams sense sound or motion and this is a customisable feature as you can select which came air zones with the Activity Zones.

nest cam nc1102es security camera

If you choose to stream video directly to your smartphone screen you will see everything clearly with the smallest details and you’ll get to hear everything very well with the integrated microphone and digital audio. It comes with 8 high powered infrared LEDs which make sure you get to see everything in little light or total darkness up to 20 feet distance and the sensors will easily tell the difference between a flash light and day light so it doesn’t automatically switch to day mode if a burglar turns on a flash light. The 8x zoom feature allows you to zoom in conveniently to see certain things closer. You can talk to your kids and pets and they can talk back to you with the two-way speaker and microphone. The way it works with Nest Protect is when carbon monoxide or smoke is detected by Protect, the Cam will go live automatically and even record an emergency video even if you do not have the Nest Aware subscription. You will get free updates to apps and software over time as Nest does a good job of improving things over time.

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